Chuming Yan Zhang matchmaker actually very scared them, but she went to the king in the morning, when the landlord, the landlord Wang said these people to fear.

  What if they really are powerful figures, will not be reduced to the point where the arrival of their backcountry.
  And now the major urban downtown bandit, on top there is no spare capacity to intervene following things.
  Wang said the landlord to even get any death, no one would order a few outsiders, the local squire with him against.
  Zhang Wang matchmaker listened to the words of the landlord, that his words very reasonable.
  She thought of the beautiful teenage among them, did not hold back a moment to tell the king landlord.
  Wang landlord heard a stunning teenager, cloudy eyes suddenly light up.
  He made more than a dozen nursing homes together with Zhang matchmaker, matchmaker Zhang mouth must take the boy also caught back together.
  Chen Yiyi them all the way to escape, there have been a seventy-eight days.
  She did not expect it these days, completely out of chaos?
  While Chen Yi Yi secretly trance, suddenly heard the screams of a wall cloud.
  ”What are you doing?”
  Cloud wall of sounds to Chuming Yan and Chen Yi Yi was shocked, two people look back, they found two men are clinging to the carriage want to go.
  Chuming Yan suddenly angry laughed, she suddenly pulled out waist sword, it is necessary towards one of them striking.
  Chen Yi Yi is also very, very angry, she did not expect this so much courage matchmaker?
  Not only to rush back to the big Ah, but also want the presence o杭州桑拿f Chu cut away in front of her?

  She is a heart to heart with Hatano, naturally requires an equal footing.

  She hopes to become more than Hatano’s sister, but also the growth in Hadano do a beacon lead on the road, so that he will not like the villain in the same newspaper.
  Jiang Rou accept battle to bring different positions, but can not agree with a mad苏州夜网 dog bite climb everywhere.
  So, in the hope that she, and her Hatano can have more communication, rather than decision without authorization.
  It can be turned around, it would make a big brother dog new heights demon, let her off guard!
  ”His wife!”Qin Ye also on the stubborn, not life and death changed his tune.
  This is when the carriage stopped, but it is already into the Qin government.
  Jiang Rou up, condescending looked at him: “Do not call me, I did not like you husband’s brother!”
  She finished heels on preparing for the next carriage, juvenile heartache harder and harder, lest the next moment to really lose her, then reflexively reach out and pull her.
  Jiang Rou pulled a reel, rain and wet feet.
  ”Pop grumble” sound, grunt she fell off the wagon!
  Hatano and Meteors are shocked, watched the rain fall ginger Rou get up a北京养生会所gain in a moment, stunned that did not react in a long time.
  Jiang Rou aching all over, she lifted her head cut out bitterly with Hatano, beating the look of numb: “I did not like you pit dog Younger Sister, you go!”

Chapter 59 I do not feel bad
  Jiang Rou sprained ankle.
  She was helped Meteors, hop hop to plain silver to hospital.

  Qi Yue was amused chuckle, bending over to pick up it.

  ”Yue Yue is back yet?”
  Hear the movement, was washing dishes in the kitchen with stove fire by Yu Xiulian first came out, followed by Qi Father holding oil lamps out from the main room, and then is happy shouting sister ran out of Qiming Ming and cattle root, Qi Zhuanzong also followed Behind.
  Qi lifted her buttocks from the bench, but seeing other people rushed to go to meet the Qi Yue, and uncomfortable to sit back.
  Qi Yue dog put down, smiled and hugged rushing Qiming Ming and cattle root, shouting father and mother and grandfather.
  Yu Xiulian quickly wet hands to wipe away the pants, Qi Yue took the hand of apprehension and asked: “This is not leavin it back?”
  ”Do not go, do not go this year.”Qi Yue smiled and replied.
  Yu Xiulian suddenly choked: “You have to go next year?”
  I do not know how to answer some Qi Yue, Qi Father spoke up: “Wyatt girl can stay until when, depends on when Lei Jun come back to visit relatives, and so they do wine married, is pleased girl wanted to stay home, you have to catch she we苏州夜网nt out.”
  Yu Xiulian is more sad to say these words Father, Qi Yue laughed and hugged her: “Mother do not worry, I would say stay to live at home, Lei Jun does not say a word, but also the way to the house with your son.”
  Yu Xiulian was her laugh, her hand shot about: “Lei Jun good temper, do not you relied on this bully him.”
  Yu Guoqing at the edge of teeth are heard, Lei Jun and if patience is good, it would not have hundreds of miles of bad temper, it was his sister Lei Jun kid camouflage blinded.
  ”Sister, you first do not praise you son, I have not eaten dinner and Yue Yue, kitchens where there is no leftovers, heat it to us on the line.”
  Yu Xiulian face upset: “Mother Yue Yue did not forget to eat, do you give your mother this new.Zaotang buried in the sweet potato, which should be cooked, you eat a pad under the 佛山桑拿网belly.”
  ”Sister, I have no sweet potato?”
  Yu Xiulian some hesitation: “Why do not you divide it with Yue Yue eat?”
  Yu Guoqing mouth of the arrow represents the heart, since his sister married life a child, he was standing straight in his sister’s heart dropped, he was unable waved: “Well, I do not rush to eat with the children, I go to my wife’s mother look, maybe I feel bad my wife’s mother, Zaotang to bury me in sweet potatoes.”
  Words amused Qi family laughed, did not retain one, have waved at him: “go quickly, it is best to stay in the Yuan family dinner.”
  Yu Guoqing laughing and said: “you can eat sweet potatoes, I still have to come back to eat dinner, my sister did, I have to give my wife’s mother Provincial Food.”
  Zhefan shameless, then a, Qi Yu Guoqing was driving the family together, even the little black dog barking cheer.
  The food, cooked until Yu Xiulian, Yu Guoqing pinched points back.

  Section 489 has no ears!

  After dinner, the family sat in the main room, around the brazier speak.
  Lingnan winter, although not the frozen North, but in addition to the coastal zone, near the Chinese New Year is also uncomfortable cold, clammy clammy, the kind of people can invade the bone cracks cold.

  Jiang Rou ramp at her: “how not, you look at that back, and my younger brother who just smell the smell that he’s right.”

  By now, the flow Zhu was not sure.
  She thought: “Prior to pass from the back side of北京风月会所 the border town of messages that go against the king’s direct descendant Baihu Jun, there is Reggie a headband silver surface, this person good at riding and shooting to archery skill at creating chaos in the in the spot shot barbarian chieftains, Bizi think, maybe this person.”
  Jiang Rou head tilt,A few words of effort, that people have wrapped the silver surface Wu Kun long wooden warehouse, two rapid pace of transformation, the formation of a see-saw.
  She did not talk to people flow Zhu argue, but noted that Li Zhiyuan actually abandoned it.
  Jiang Rou furious, she angrily said: “Zhu flow, give me a dart shoot Li Zhiyuan, it really special mental retardation, do not win this time confidant Wu Kun, still watching a play, he’s sitting duck!”
  Flow Zhu wrist doubled, whoosh, Li Zhiyuan really shot a dart money.
  Li Zhiyuan over here, ginger Rou almost jumped up and he refers to the remnants of Wu Kun.
  Li Zhiyuan react, dry cough or two, people will rush to kill the remnants of Wu Kun!
  Wu Kun did not as the main, ten war simply do not have much power, Li Zhiyuan hundreds of people in the attack, did not hold more than half quarter of an hour.
  Then, Li Zhiyuan waved his arm to bypass the remaining three or four hundred people fighting the silver surface and the Wu Kun, rushed into the Dohobu, the Wu family side of the pot.
  Back and forth, but the moment Zhong Gongfu.
  This quarter, the silver surface Yuezhanyueyong people, whip the hands of flexible and familiar, and actually had a comparable Wu Kun War.
  Wu Kun old wreck is indeed a battle-hardened, great ambition, intention is not right, but杭州桑拿 a fist is the real deal, as somersault ferocious tiger.
  Jiang Rou little anxious, the longer it dragged on, the more likely to have more trouble, sure to be as fast as the Wu Kun killed, held hostage so great sin, and then there are the remnants, he would not be able to arrogance.
  The Yuzhou, as long as the Kun Wu death, they rudderless, is easy Gangster disk access.
  With the hands of soldiers, plus medals border town, in the future whether to follow the brutal king or emperor now, and that can have a decisive point, no one dared to look at him light.
  But also in the coming troubled times inside a firm footing.

  The result was the father of Chen flatly refused, Chen is the father of literary origi北京夜网n, value the reputation, if only because the other parents are dead come down on the break off an engagement, that he face what the future, maybe even scorn virtue was Demotion.

  And he mourning for Xiaoruo Lan housekeeping quite appreciated, the more convinced that the future is given back to marry the younger son of the good wife.
  Xiao Ruolan also vaguely aware of the future-in-law do not like themselves, so even headed too few public appearances, cautious, mourning for three years, came fame are well behaved, decent family tradition, etc..
  However, when Xiao Ruolan out of filial piety, has heard a bad news, Chen Hui Beijing exam time with her betrothal, and was caught and became a senior official in the pro-daughter look.
  This is Zhu sent Mother’s face in front of Xiao Ruolan himself said, and she is to break off an engagement to.
  She said her family has become the second son of senior officials Chenglongkuaixu, so do not disgrace the girl Xiao.
  Later, despite his father Chen from door to apologize, saying the matter when he learned that the die was cast, to Xiao very apologetic, but Chen breaking an engagement, bride marries another thing was quickly spread in the city.
  But no one criticized Chen because Chen and marry is not an ordinary dignitary, or when towards the town Wuhou Tang Xiong, Chen Hui married and with his granddaughter Tangwan month.
  It is because of this top had a good marriage, Zhu immediately before people come Tuiqin, let Xiao blocking her son’s Apprentice.
  Chen second son later in life size, as well as the future son Chen Han Jinyu also high school third overall, gained world renown.
  Even adults are known to the state of Chen pleasant, Zhu became even more concerned about the lady official banquet of the protagonist, no one is not flattering to please.
  All rumors are concentrated in the Xiaoruo Lan who come to fame is doomed, no one would dare to Xiao stained relations.
  Zhongkoushuojin, product marketing bone destruction.
  Chen’s joy, have become a source of criticism by Xiao Ruolan make fun of.
  Also I heard her reputation will also involve the future of the imperial way younger brother sister marriage, which has become the last straw bending her.
  In a quiet night, Xiao Ruolan then committed suicide.
  This is the future of Royal Hsiao, the reasons for Han Jinyu, Tang hated.
  Xiaoruo Lan’s death, and her two younger siblings Xiaojia Shu Jiu Jia Xiao, if Joe were taken away, but life is not good, Xiaojia Shu’s uncle is an h上海夜网onest man, but snobbish aunt was mean, if it is thin Xiao also has family property, she They worried adopt two children it would offend Chen.
  Whether it is the death of their parents, or elder sister committed suicide when Xiaojia Shu are still young, but his senior year-old Xiao, if Joe is unforgettable, especially because of Chen Tang heard in-laws, as well as the good husband Han Jinyu , more scenery, not only career magnanimous Chen Hui, Chen also riding on a parent to know a bit of the state government, even with Zhu is also a glimpse of Patent life, enjoy wealth and status.
  Qiao Xiao, if a heartless, ignoring her own people but also give birth girl, reported the mining ladies name, swear palace boarded high, to avenge the elder sister.

  But so saying Gu sleep, but not to five minutes to fall asleep.

  Lu city over the phone to call her twice did not hear her response, the phone only sleep Gu Qing Qian even breathing, suddenly some dumbfounding.
  It seems people sleepless night, only he.
  He reluctantly smiled, but did not hang up, but so quietly listening to the sleep Gu Qing Qian breathing in the dark.
  Gu Qing Feng early in the morning went to the company.
  Breakfast is the nanny to do, Gu sleep just finished breakfast, city land came.
  Gu sleepless embarrassed to say he did not know when to sleep last night.
  Lu city forgave her.
  Gu Qing Feng specially vacated by noon time, and they come back for dinner, and talk about wedding details and Lu Gu sleepless city.
  Gu Qing Feng is a good communicator is, since she agreed to marry Gu sleep and city land, the land will not be difficult for the city to discuss the process very smooth.
  But when Lu expressed the hope that the city receive a marriage certificate as soon as possible when Gu Qing Feng’s eyes fell on the subconscious Gu sleep flat belly, untold looked up at Gu sleep “is….With?”
  Gu did not react sleep.
  Lu took the words to go to the city, he said: “I’m still trying.”
  Gu sleep: “.”
  Gu Feng Qing drink some water, chang深圳桑拿网ed the subject: “When are you going back to A City?”
  City Lu said: “If nothing else, I want to go back tomorrow.”
  Gu Feng Qing nod: “I recently something more, I also busy, you’re here I can not entertain you, and you return to the city of Ye A.We decided on a wedding date to inform me, that I inform relatives and friends.”
  ”no problem.”
  Gu sleepless go to the bathroom taking advantage of the gap.
  Gu Qing Feng Lu told the city: “The children do you have to pay close attention to the.”
  She did not say too explicit, but the underlying meaning is very clear, Lu city was not young.
  City Lu rare face some heat, said: “Well.”
  So, just returned to the hotel to sleep Gu was pressed onto the bed to kiss land the city, from the afternoon until the evening, Gu sleep over and over again is to eat a thorough clean, chew bones have been.
  The room has been completely dark down.
  Lu city from behind to hold Gu sleep, bears a bit wet kiss bow in her ear side, palms gently covered her flat stomach: “When there will have a baby?”
  Gu sleep tired not want to move a finger, saying the city land floating floats on the edge of her ear, and floating drift away.
  Lu City rub her neck at the rub, they kissed, magnetic lazy voice: “I want to have a daughter, looks like you, must be very cute, very likable.”

  Emaciated body was like the wind on the back, but she eventually did not go down, Aishen take up that box ragweed left.

  Jin Yu heart block in panic, and never know there is no comparison in the world there are people more bitter than you, life is more difficult.
  Two Ah today is ready to sacrifice.
  From the beginning of spring, a day of clear bowl of gruel can see the silhouette is not a lot of time just half a bowl of vegetable soup with soup, a little oil can not see Huadu.
  A good number of night she curled up on the couch cold are felt from the dead near, the next day she was tenacious alive.
  Live in the infinite shame and blame in.
  Sometimes alive than dead difficult, but she is not yet dead, even to life for a life, she must live well to the belly of the child was born.
  Empty stomach, filled with those meals Jin Yu family, suddenly enriched a lot, eating when she had no time to taste it, in retrospect feel a articulate your mouth, let her even more than the desire of students.
  Backhand pulled down a bamboo ba苏州夜网sket grass, Jiudiao part of the soil, go out into his mouth.
  Jin Yu She could not put the memorable flavor to take home, or give kindly to provoke trouble.
  With grass-flavor, jerky revolting, two Ah nor did it spit it out, until the entire mouth is the taste of grass, she only then that slag slag spit it out.
  ”Yo!Two Ah ah!Your mother did not give you a meal, light grazing ah?”
  Ho had to tip-toe to see the other side, be sure that the bamboo fence in the curl of smoke rising, thinking tonight about her husband and son also went to Jin Yu family a nice dinner, I saw his eyes go just like meat II Ah come.
  Two Ah did not speak, but on their way down, and then she went back late, I am afraid, is waiting for her meal beaten up.
  ”Mother ah!How lean into the case!Horrible, it is horrible!”
  It looks dead, really startled her, 上海419同城对对碰scared only Pai Xiongkou.
  That wife Liu two pillars of what people, a people living in the village for decades, actually know a little about this man’s heart is really ruthless.
  The woman then bad stomach as well as Liu only blood, but also how people say the child was born, the heritage of incense Liu then toss ah.
  Seeing these two Ah become like skeletons, hungry to eat grass he can not live do not necessarily want to give birth to offspring of Liu, chrysanthemum aunt is simply wishful thinking.
  Ho did not mean to look down at the moment two Ah trouble, people are looking at weaker than the front of their own people more sense of superiority, but also they want to show something.
  ”You wait!I’ve got two sweet potatoes, you eat holding!Pity, it can not stay up raw baby it is unknown yet!”
  Made a rare kindness, twisted her Buttocks, turned into the yard, in the shade of the yard throw in a few germination of sweet potatoes, about two buds pick up not long out.
  There has been no talk of two Ah did not go, rickets in the back, carrying a basket of grass there waiting, bowed his head can not see facial expressions.
  ”Take it!Secretly hidden, that you do is to find her mother.”
  Ho sweet potato stuffed into the arms of two Ah, pity her guilty of murdering her husband that evil, hatred husband’s family, her parents do not recognize, helpless alive, Barbara is not easy, a rare move compassion.
  ”Thank you aunt.”
  Not much more than holding her fist two sweet potato, two Ah Road, a cry Xie.
  Not a handout, handout eat food, it is because those who have notThere are to that point, really to that point, then what moral integrity ambition are no longer exists.
  ”Take it!It is not a good thing.Kelian Jian, how did you do it so confused!”

  Obviously these are the sugar is a man of his fishes!

  Tang Zhi Lan Bay Strip, a stuffed candy into his mouth, “physical education it immediately, let it go downstairs together.”
  Two physical education classes are on at the same time, the Blue Bay and autumn are also considered rather familiar with each other, and also played with badminton.
  ”Well, I go back and put the Chinese book.”I would rather red autumn she nodded, turned and left seven to classroom.
  ”Er er, I also tidy up the bag, right away!”
  Blue Bay responded finished, hurrying to gather up their textbooks.
  The remaining students are still rather quietly discuss autumn.
  ”Autumn is really rather 广州桑拿网good white ah, I wish I had half her white like.”
  ”Do not mention it, military training had never been seen by a high exposure for seven days, I now still so black.”
  ”Mingming Ning autumn also military training, and how she is not black it?”
  Huai boat in silence listening to them discuss the matter at a higher military training, mention Ning autumn, naturally also filed Xu Qinglan.
  His high moment did not go to military training, but now some regret.
  Had the man for doing his autumn heat stroke rather hold to the hostel, Ningqiu Xi Huan will is him.
  Zhou Huai Switzerland mouth mouth strawberry sugar sweet taste tongue overflowing heart, but give birth to an sour.
  Friday’s physical education does not need to test eight hundred meters, replaced by jogging fifteen minutes of endurance training.
  Ning Qiujian hold a深圳桑拿网 week of exercise, the effect is significant, running speed is very slow, do not have it for the first time when tough.
  After the warm-up exercises and endurance training, physical education only less than half an hour.
  Box badminton are mostly broke, would rather follow the instructions of the autumn sports teacher, ready to get some new equipment room to.
  Huai boat has been concerned about her movements, the fall of a person to see Ning equipment room, could not resist following them.
  ”Huai boat, you go ah equipment room?”
  He nodded, “ah, that did not air a few balls, I get two new.”
  ”Just together.”I would rather smile key autumn shook hands, he slowed down with him.
  Huai boat to go to the side peace, and from this perspective, can see the fall of the neck rather slender and white shot from the side.
  Now he is most looking forward to solitude, rarely have such a good opportunity, but unable to speak a word.

  Standing behind Xiao Yu Wen Ling and wood also find this fortune-telling is not an ordinary person, both hands on the weapon on his waist, Xiao Yu just waiting for the order, together with the attack on.

  See the potential that fortune-telling, smiled and said: “Yun Er Ye, which you obviously do not know, although I was a fortune teller, can technology is not sophisticated, heaven and earth thing, are also little knowledge, you can calculate identity, already it is not easy, and then count maiden name and that of several girls, Today absolutely can not do, and if the girls are interested, you can wait here for three to five days, and so the next revived, naturally calcu深圳桑拿网lated the name of the girl, but also calculated the girl’s fate might get it!”Then, in the hands of a loose skill.
  This cloud Kun withdraw sword, go two steps back, his face no change, but the mind has set off a tidal wave.
  This enigmatic fortune-telling powers, he is not the other’s rival, now, there are warm nine behind with the children, telling if this really played a malicious, then today it will slash up!
  Thought here, Kun behind clouds, it is from a layer of sweat.

  1730 recruited a thief

  Plum bamboo not know martial arts, just totally do not understand that cloud Kun with some fortune-telling contest, but also really think that telling day can only be considered a hexagram, muzzled laughed: “No wonder you a satisfactory end scrubby!Considered a hexagram crippled, Barbara laughable person!”
  Fortune-telling hehe smile: “not to let the girl spoke yet?Next fortune-teller is not fine, it is very ashamed!”
  Although the fortune-teller see cloud Kun martial arts seems like a nonsense, but, but did not mean to hurt them, his early years living away from home, know rivers and lakes are more Oddities, and the fortune-teller in this deliberately with they get in a word, as if they knew ahead of time to come back, he asked: “I do not know how you call?”
  Fortune-telling he grinned and said: “The next is a scholar did not even admitted to the poor scholar, nameless, at the moment to bother Masaoki several elegant, and it is offensive.”
  Then, a bend, he turned and departed: “Several elegant, till we meet again!”
  ”Grandfather, two uncles, who he is?”Wen nine see the man just say the cloud Kun’s name, I felt very strange:” under one person you say, people above, refers to who, what my grandfather?”
  ”Ha ha, nine girl, my grandfather on top, there are a dozen of it, I’m not talking.”Cloud Ferguson shook his head.
  ”Maybe fame rivers and lakes is a person, without regard to worth mentioning.”Yun Kun although I think it’s strange fortune-telling, however, is too complex thing, he is not willing to think.
  Xiao Yu said: “restaurant in our pay, with the fortune-telling, is not a Huoer?”
  ”No way?”Side of Plum interrupted:” It seems so ornery that fortune-telling, and if there are so generous associates, why are you even here fortune-telling stall?”
  Wen nine, said: “Wild sinister, he called diversion, dumb with us yet北京夜网!”
  Yun Kun scratched his head, looked at everyone: “It’s so weird how Zezhou City?Father, nine girl, Yu child, let’s back to the boat, we set off early!”

  He put his hand gingerly touched Nie Long in the abdomen, face meet, “afraid to call the baby saw it go with, not later become a little old man?”

  ”.The emperor pretty little consciousness, frowning know does not look good.”
  It seems to be a few words effort, while not much went to the palace Nie Long.
  It soon as he was into the temple facial wash, Imperial would have been set.
  Chu Ji Long Nie generally accommodate the tastes, say his past life has been eating these, already we are accustomed to, so in terms of the two men never had to eat different.
  Nie Long recent preference for sweet and sour food, but those who can eat a lot of this kind, the imperial doctor’s Diet is useful, she has recently been much appetite, on the sweet side dishes, drink poison on a soup can eat a bowl of rice.
  Empress of the Imperial with just this noon meal as many as one hundred, but Nie Long bones to accept a modern social education of people, can not see the extravagant.Think about it before eating out, and more than a dozen dishes one point several people have enough to eat, and perhaps also eat with packaged.
  Can be in the palace, and some dishes did not move even chopsticks, or just over twelve chopsticks clip, you have to eat waste.She knew servant can be rewarded, people can call the Palace eat her leftovers, not used Nie Long.
  NIE Long also told kitchenette reg深圳桑拿网ularly several times a month to cook good, to house people snacks.
  Holds many lessons Kunning meals are ordered in advance if the emperor also came Cengfan, imperial kitchen will be shining emperor empress taste meal called the imperial kitchen looking to do, in addition to the imperial doctor commanded Imperial, do not do anything else, every day then more twenty-three.
  Just good to eat this meal, eat eight full Nie Long stopped chopsticks, father and mother said he wanted to write a few days before the recall, simply as people took to the bill.
  ”To Boa pregnant with the father and mother say something, and the person said, it must be mentioned in the letter.”
  Nie Long wrote down half stopped, looking at him, said: “Chenqie just like father and mother, then talking about family, pregnancy did not say a thing, now that the Ji苏州夜网aoniang also follow fear, say they have a steady job, etc..”
  When it comes to her family thing, think of it Nie Long Xu Jiumei brother heard the news, she asked: “Where is your brother to go to school, so long there was no one?”
  ”He Huaiyu in Shanxi.”
  Nie Long listened to was surprised, but it had a second Shanxi Jiang Yue villain site!If we say from the male point of view, and that Chu Ji Yue Jiang is considered a villain, from an objective point of view, a lot of money villain Chu Ji.