What should I do if I have a big belly?

Five actions to help you easily

What should I do if I have a big belly?
Five actions to help you easily

First, thin belly action one: thin stomach to go to the meter to give up the habit of going out on the taxi, the journey within 30 minutes all converted.

The key to this method is to hold the breath away and forcefully reduce the abdomen. At the beginning, it may only last for 10 seconds. After many exercises, you can hold down the time and it will be effective in one month.

Second, thin belly action 2: Jumping rope skipping the belly movement coordination of the up and down jumping action can make the abdominal muscles fully contract, adhere to 5 minutes a day, the method of abdominal weight loss is too much to go.

Third, thin belly action three: abdominal breathing tightening the belly people who want to lose weight should try abdominal breathing.

The method is simple: when inhaling, the belly is tightened; when exhaling, the belly is tightened.

Fourth, thin belly action four: When the graceful ballet dancers have a chest-bending abdomen request, the micro-convex small abdomen has no shape, and the daily 15-minute ballet posture can not only relax and relax the lower abdomen, but also let your postureMore straight!

Five, thin belly action five: When the Latin hot mom Latin dance action highlights the short side of the swing, so for the waist and abdomen exercise has a super effect, insist on a week to dance twice Latin dance, slowly your little belly will changeIt is a solid line.

How do men protect the prostate?

What is the way to prevent prostate cancer?

How do men protect the prostate?
What is the way to prevent prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is a nightmare for male friends. In fact, for older men, the chance of implanting prostate cancer is very high, which will bring great substitution in life, but not too much prostate cancer.Fear, how does a man protect the prostate?

What is the way to prevent prostate cancer?

Let’s take a look at it together!

Method 1 to prevent prostate cancer, don’t be too tired: If sometimes the prostate is occasionally repeated or repeated due to physical exertion, this is a relatively normal phenomenon, and it does not need to be fussed, as long as nothing is obvious, it does not matter, men are adults.There is something wrong with light or heavy.

2, resolutely can not stay up late: it is best not to stay up late, do not catch a cold, do not get angry, the most important thing is to have enough sleep.

And don’t have to worry about it, everything goes with your heart.

3, massage the foot, good for the prostate: insist on doing pedicure, regular once a week.

Go to the foot bath or bath for pedicure, hot feet and press the foot to promote blood circulation and meridian reflection.

If you have no conditions, you can stick to your feet before going to bed and press it yourself.

4, on the issue of sexual life: Sex life should be adhered to at least once a week, or twice, after the end of the continuous levator ani exercise 20 times, can discharge the body’s substances, constantly update the internal environment of the prostate, and promote rehabilitation.

5, multiple urination: a very important habit is that each time urination is about to end, to stop a few perineum by hand, you can drain the residual urine remaining in the prostate, will reduce the harm caused by complicationsThe most important thing is not to have urine.

6, about drinking water: must remember to drink more water every day.

Multiple urination can reduce the stimulation of the prostate by the urine and wash the prostate.

7, diet should pay attention to the problem: do not eat spicy, but not drink, although you have to drink some in the case of entertainment, but pay attention to drink or not drink, do not drink high-alcohol, drink less tea.

Male health is a common concern in society. Especially for men with prostate cancer, it is necessary to pay attention to and prevent it. Men should maintain good habits in life and get rid of the harm of prostate disease.

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What are the signs and symptoms to prevent prostate cancer should be done to protect your prostate health as long as nine strokes!

What can’t you eat for prostate cancer patients?

Corn is the best food for weight loss.

Corn is the best food for weight loss.

Many people lose weight will eliminate “eat”, in fact, this is not true, if you choose the right food can still make you easy to lose weight, and corn is your best “companion” to lose weight.

Although the nutritional value of corn is lower than other grains, it can be suggested that the low malt is low decomposition in the corn. The low decomposition of the different malt is the best in the prebiotic. The prebiotic is the food of the probiotic, which has a close relationship with the probiotic reproduction of the human body.Thereby, the intermediate flora is brought to an equilibrium state to make them mutually healthy.

MM who wants to lose weight can make good use of corn to lose weight.

The following small series recommend 3 corn weight loss recipes, which can effectively help slimming down.

  First, the main food for corn: 1?
2 fresh corn.

  Method: Wash the corn clean, pay attention to leave the corn shell and “beard”, they are very nutritious.

Then put a whole corn into the pot, add the right amount of water to cook 20?
25 minutes, ready to eat after ripening.

  Directly use corn as a staple for lunch or dinner, and mix it with fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Principle: 196 kcal per 100 grams of fresh corn, containing crude fiber 1.

2 grams, protein 3.

5 grams, 姨 2.

3 grams and 40.

2 grams of cobalt, minerals and cellulose are also very rich.

In addition, a large amount of crude fiber in corn is 4 more than fine noodles and refined rice?
More than 10 times, the rich magnesium in corn can promote gastrointestinal motility, help the gastrointestinal health, and can help to smoothly discharge waste and toxins from the body. The role of cocoa in detoxification is very beneficial to slimming.

Mature corn ears and corn must have diuretic effect, which is also very helpful for weight loss.

  Second, the water used to boil the corn directly to the boiled corn water can be used to drink a good weight loss effect.

  Principle: The water of boiled corn has diuretic effect, especially for people with edema-type obesity, which can effectively eliminate edema and prevent weight gain.

  Third, eat coarse grain corn products such as Wowotou, millet porridge, polenta, black rice porridge, cornmeal noodles, cornmeal paste, glutinous rice porridge, cornmeal carrot bun, rhubarb sticky bean bag, rye pot stick, rye scroll, ryeFirst class, these are good corn coarse grains.

  Few people like to eat these whole grains. They feel that they are not willing to eat if they have a bad taste. In fact, these whole grains are the healthiest health food and can prevent weight gain and improve obesity.

  Today’s people are increasingly advocating the concept of scientific health, weight loss should also choose a scientific and healthy method, then eating coarse grains is a healthy and fast way to lose weight, it is recommended.

And eating coarse grains to lose weight has become a fashion, long-term consumption of coarse grains can meet the body’s required cellulose, can provide enough nutrients for the body, and is still the best choice for weight loss diet.

How to grasp the number of exercises and time

How to grasp the number of exercises and time

The number of exercises per day and the length of each exercise should be different according to your physical condition, condition, progress of practice and time allowed. Do not insist on consistency.

  Some patients are eager to treat the disease, thinking that the curative effect must be proportional to the time of practice. Whether it is necessary or not, whether it is really loose or not, the training time is barely extended, and the result is even wasted time, and physical fatigue, no gain,There are even deviations that are detrimental to health.

Other patients are more and more eager to practice, greedy all kinds of feelings in practice, put a normal diet, sleeplessly, and disrupt the normal life order. This is also not enough.

The correct way is to leave some effort in each exercise, leaving a surplus, not to feel tired.

Because practicing is a long-term thing, it is not for the urgent need to cure the disease, or for health and disease prevention, health care, longevity and other purposes, practice should be accompanied by our life, is part of life, should give a moderate understandingIt is definitely not the whole life.

  Preferably, the average patient is trained 2 to 3 times a day, and each practice is about 30 minutes. It can also be extended for some time (beginners can gradually extend from a few minutes or minutes depending on the method of exercise).

For full-care patients, the number of exercises per day can be increased according to the specific circumstances. Each exercise time can be extended according to the specific circumstances.

As a health care exercise, you can also increase the intensity of exercise and the effect of exercise instead of increasing the number of exercises and extending the time of practice.

In short, to the degree of comfort.

  Some exercises require you to do it at a specific time, and think that the effect will be better, such as the midday of the day, the first day of the lunar calendar in January, fifteen, thirty, and so on.

The practitioners can of course do according to specific requirements, but for those who have daily work and live in a modern society, some time requirements are difficult to do, so it is not necessary to be too particular about when to practice.

However, if conditions permit, whether for health care or treatment, it is better to use some fixed time to practice the work every day.

Such as the formation of the law in the morning or before going to sleep, the conditions for the formation of qigong-specific conditioning reflect in time, is beneficial to obtain.

After practicing for a long time, the kung fu is getting deeper and deeper.

  Comrades who insisted on practicing Qigong too deeply realized that they practiced once in the morning, cheered up all day, energetic, clear-headed, and high-spirited. They had great potential for starting a day of life;It is helpful to calm the heart and quickly enter the sleepless state of sleep.

Of course, you can also practice for a while after work or excessive fatigue.

  It must be moderate in practice. This is the basic requirement for practicing. If practitioners can organically combine practice and real life, they will get twice the result.

Beauty and beauty foods have some beauty food recommended

Beauty and beauty foods have some beauty food recommended

Whole wheat bread: In addition to protein, iron, fiber, potassium and other minerals, it also contains rich vitamin B, which can make human flesh, soft skin and bright eyes.

Fish: Fish is a low-fat, high-protein food. The protein it contains is a necessary substance for cell growth. If it is lacking, the hair will be dull and even faded, and the skin will be dull and even molted.

Beans: No matter what the beans are, they are all beautiful.

They all contain a lot of protein, vitamin B, iron, and the nutritional value is equal to that of meat, but there is fiber that is lacking in meat.

Strawberry: It contains rich vitamin C, which is good for the skin.

It also contains vitamins A and K, which can support hair and skin, and the conversion of each cup is only 55 calories.

Papaya: It has a good therapeutic effect on gallbladder disease, which is a disease that women often suffer from.

Liver: No food is more suitable for iron than liver. Iron grows red blood cells to keep the body nutritious.

Animal liver also contains vitamin A and vitamin C, protein, certain minerals and vitamin B.

However, because it contains higher cholesterol, it is advisable to eat once a week.

Bitter melon: Modern medical research found that there is an active protein with obvious anti-cancer effect in bitter gourd. This protein can stimulate the defense function of the immune system in the body, increase the activity of immune cells, and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Although the bitter gourd is slightly bitter, but the aftertaste is sweet, it gradually becomes popular on the table.

Fungus: A kind of plant gum contained in the fungus. It has a resetting adsorption force. It can concentrate the dust remaining in the human digestive system and then withdraw it from the body, thus detoxifying and clearing the stomach.

Honey: Modern medical research has shown that the main components of honey, glucose and fructose, are easily absorbed by the body.

Eating honey can reach the effect of excreting toxins, beauty and beauty, and also has potential for cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

Carrots: Modern medicine has proven that carrots are effective detoxifying foods. They not only contain rich carotene, but also are rich in vitamin A and pectin. After separation from mercury ions in the body, they can effectively reduce mercury ions in the blood.The concentration accelerates the discharge of mercury ions in the body.

Cucumber: Cucumber acid contained in cucumber can promote the body’s metabolism and excrete toxins.

The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than that of watermelon, which can whiten the skin, adhere to the elasticity of the skin, and inhibit the composition of melanin.

Cucumber also inhibits the conversion of sugars into feces, which is beneficial to the lungs, stomach, heart, liver and excretory systems.

Obese people are prone to long braids

Obese people are prone to long braids

In some years, obese face and thighs often have lice, while middle-aged and obese people, when they were young, nearly one-third of them have a long history of scorpion.

  Hair follicles and sebaceous glands of human skin usually have bacteria, which can cause infection when the systemic or local resistance is reduced.

Due to the relatively low immune function of obese people and the loss of lipid secretion from the skin, these oils are segregated by sebaceous glands. When they are partially scratched, unclean, and often subjected to friction and irritation, they can cause spasms.

If multiple mites occur at the same time or repeatedly in various parts of the body, it becomes a rickety disease. A large group of red, swollen, and painful lumps appearing in certain parts of the body gradually enlarge and become a conical bulge. After a few days,There is a yellow-white small pus in the center of the nodule. The redness and swelling range is enlarged, and the sputum is cleared. Instead, the pus is discharged and gradually disappears.

If you often have rickets, it often causes dark red spots on some parts of the body. It is like a small earthen bag that rises on the ground. It usually takes a long time to cure.

Severe infections can cause sepsis, which can be severe.

Reduce fat, bathe, cut hair, change underwear, and cut nails are important measures to prevent bloated infection.

Weight loss and lipid-lowering can reduce the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, and the Chinese medicine has a better effect on the treatment of the sore drink. The external application of acne can remove the accumulated poison of the leather surface.

Be careful about seasonal diseases in the fall season

Be careful about seasonal diseases in the fall season

Most people have this experience: some seasons are more ill, and others are less ill.

According to doctors, from the perspective of the disease process, the internal cause is the ability of the human body to resist disease.

Human disease resistance primarily determines the immune system, such as white blood cells, lymphocytes and neutrophils.

Lymphocytes are called “special forces” against various viruses. The state of these cells in each season is directly related to the health of the human body (healthy food).

  In the whole year of the year, the number of lymphocytes and the vitality are the lowest in the month from November to the next year, so the cold season is prone to colds and bronchitis.

In June, July and August, the number of lymphocytes rose to the peak, so the virus was unable to cause trouble, but the bacteria could take advantage of it. Therefore, diseases such as enteritis and flu disorders replaced the cold, and part of bronchitis became a frequently-occurring disease.

Only in spring and autumn, the increase of immunoglobulin in the human body is the smallest period of infection in a year.

However, allergic diseases can be induced, and the chances of suffering from allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis food) and high blood pressure are increased.

  Some infectious diseases cause seasonal changes in the incidence of the disease due to seasonal changes in the vector.

It can be divided into two categories: strict and non-strict. The typical examples of the former are the main diseases of the Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, malaria, etc.

Therefore, when the season is changed, it is also the time when the disease changes.

People should take corresponding measures according to different seasons and diseases. Respiratory tract infections are complicated in autumn climate change. Early, middle and late indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity are different. In this environment, the respiratory mucosa continues to suffer from warm and cold.The stimulation causes mucosal epithelial ciliary movement disorder, dysfunction, decreased defense ability, and decreased resistance. It provides an opportunity for pathogenic microorganisms, which can easily cause colds and colds, which will cause tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.
Symptoms of patients with chronic bronchitis and asthma are often exacerbated.

  Therefore, in the fall, you should always pay attention to weather changes, strengthen exercise, and increase resistance, which is the key to preventing respiratory diseases.

The fall of cardiovascular disease is a frequent season of cardiovascular disease. As the weather turns cold, the blood vessels of the skin and subcutaneous tissue contract, and the burden of blood vessels increases, resulting in increased blood pressure.

Cold can cause coronary atherosclerosis, which directly affects the blood supply to the heart itself, causing cardiac cramps or myocardial infarction.

  Therefore, in the fall, cardiovascular patients should adhere to drugs for the treatment of coronary heart disease or hypertension, regularly check the ECG and blood pressure, timely adjust the treatment plan, and actively prevent colds and other diseases that can induce cardiovascular disease.

  Chronic disease: The number of people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases in the fall is often higher than in summer. Why?

There are three reasons for this: First, the vitality of flies in autumn is not weaker than in summer. Anyone who eats food contaminated by flies is prone to diarrhea due to gastrointestinal infections. Second, the weather is cool in autumn, and the appetite of people increases.A large number of fruits and vegetables are listed, some people overeating, resulting in increased obesity burden, dysfunction; the third is the temperature difference between day and night, easy to cause cold in the abdomen, or cause colon allergies, so that intestinal peristalsis increases and lead to diarrhea.

  How to prevent disease increases immunity and enhances immunity?

This may be the most popular health topic for people.

So how can we enhance the body’s immunity?

Should people establish some kind of scientific awareness in this regard?

  Experts believe that proactive exercise, balanced nutrition, and a peaceful and optimistic mood are essential for human immunity.

  Modern medicine has proven that moderate exercise can increase the amount of interleukin in the blood, and the boots enhance the natural killer cell activity, eliminate viruses and cells, and at the same time release the excitatory stress hormones in the body, thereby improving the body’s immunity.

At the same time, sweating and increased blood circulation during exercise can help the body to remove toxins, especially toxins from the skin.

  Balanced nutrition is enough to meet the needs of the human body, and it plays an important role in preventing diseases and enhancing resistance. Studies have found that the right amount of protein, vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene, vitamin B, zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium and other substancesCan increase the number of human immune cells.

The lack of these substances can lead to a variety of diseases in the human body.

A study conducted by the health department on nearly 30,000 middle-aged people over 40 years old found that some people took 15 mg of carotene, 30 mg of vitamin E and 50 micrograms of selenium per day, and their mortality rate dropped significantly.

Mortality rates for all causes of death fell by 9% over 5 years, most notably the death of cancer by 13%.

  Therefore, people’s daily diet should include protein (bean protein, chicken, fish, eggs and lean meat), high fiber gluten (whole wheat, bread, oats, coarse rice and other high fiber products), green leafy vegetables and pectin containingHigher fruits (spinach, cabbage, kale, kale, celery, apples, pears, oranges, bananas, etc.) and essential aunts (corn seed oil, fish oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, walnuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.).
  Mental factors have important regulatory effects on the immune function of the human body.

Professor Thomas of the Hopkins School of Medicine in the United States conducted observations on 1,337 students for 18 years. He found that if people are lonely, hostile, disappointed, and depressed, they will affect the balance of the environment and reduce the body’s resistance.Lili.

Optimism, happiness and self-confidence have a positive effect on disease prevention and anti-aging.

  Experts and experts to ensure the health and science of daily methods are the best way for people to enhance their immunity. It is not advisable to take health care products instead of exercise and scientific disease prevention.

Experts have suggested the following to help enhance human health: Drink plenty of water: Although it does not prevent people from getting sick, it helps the body recover soon.

Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins: such as cucumber, celery, tomatoes, cabbage, oranges, watermelon, apples, pears, bananas, etc.

  A reasonable resting person will produce a sleep factor called muramic acid during sleep, which can lead to increased white blood cells, macrophage activity, and enhanced liver function, thereby eliminating the bacterial virus implanted in the body.

Anti-aging drugs should be eaten less

Anti-aging drugs should be eaten less

Some drugs with beauty, health and anti-aging functions, vitamin C, vitamin e. have become the daily necessities of their loyal followers – one must be served after each meal, and long-term persistence.

But do you know that blind “anti-aging” may lead to poisoning results.

  Anti-aging drugs: Eat more and be toxic. In the past ten years, anti-aging drugs have emerged in an endless stream. Due to large doses and oral administration of anti-aging drugs, the number of cases of toxic side effects has been excessive.

According to the outpatient response, the toxic side effects of the following anti-aging drugs should be especially taken as a warning.

  Vitamin E (cultivating phenol): Large doses (more than 100 mg per day) and long-term use can cause a variety of unreasonable discomfort.

If it is used for more than 6 months, it may cause adverse reactions such as platelet aggregation and thrombosis.

The daily dose exceeds 400 mg and the medication is more than 1 year. Especially when combined with estrogen, the chance of inducing thrombophlebitis is greatly increased.

  Vitamin C: After taking a large dose, it can cause diarrhea and lead to the precipitation of cystine in the urea urinary tract or the formation of oxalate stones.

  Penicillamine: Used for a long period of time, it can stimulate the kidneys and leukopenia.

  Trace elements: If the body is too high, it can cause many adverse consequences.

Excessive zinc, causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Excessive cobalt is toxic to the heart muscle, causing heart failure and leading to death.

Excessive selenium, causing baldness, abnormal nails, skin discoloration, etc.; selenium poisoning, gastrointestinal dysfunction, dizziness, lack of sexual desire, fatigue, nervousness, depression and so on.

Animal experiments have shown that selenium can also cause gradual malformation.

The body contains too much iron, which has obvious adverse reactions to glycerol and gonads.

  Anti-aging Chinese medicine: Although traditional Chinese medicine is known for its low toxicity or non-toxicity, it cannot be abused.

For example, ginseng is listed as the top grade for delaying aging, but the application of large doses (such as taking more than 3 grams of ginseng root per day) can cause “ginseng abuse syndrome.”

Take ginseng 0 for newborns.


9 grams can cause poisoning.

Deer antler injection can cause rash, anaphylactic shock, acute cardiogenic cerebral hypoxia syndrome, palpitation, rejection of vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, exfoliative dermatitis, etc.

Salvia miltiorrhiza injection can cause menorrhagia, weakness, lethargy, headache, nasal mucosal bleeding, bleeding gums and so on.

  Although honey is served by ancient and modern Chinese and foreign longevity, poisoning accidents have also occurred frequently.

Polygonum can also have paroxysmal blockage after convulsions, restlessness, and even paralysis.

For the combination of some anti-aging Chinese medicines, it should be cautious for long-term use.

Excessive use of shuangsu (including ginseng and bee milk) can cause the central nervous system to be extremely excited and prone to mania.

Liuwei Dihuang Pill can cause urticaria-type drug eruption.

The traditional formula of ginseng health pills contains cinnabar, which can cause mercury poisoning for a long time.

In order to avoid adverse reactions, we need to: 1.

Correctly apply and take as needed.

Ask the doctor to choose the type and amount of anti-aging drugs according to my specific situation.

Do not over-subscribe, make up and not abuse.


If you choose your own variety, you must know the scope of the drug, the dose, the contraindications and possible toxic side effects, so as not to cause accidental and overdose, causing adverse consequences.


During the medication, pay attention to the drug reaction, such as drug eruption, fever, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc., should immediately stop the drug, cause the cause, symptomatic treatment.

What is the cause of acne?

What is the cause of acne?

Do you know about acne?

Acne is a common skin disease. Many times, we don’t know what the cause of the disease is. We don’t know what the common symptoms are. Let’s take a look at it together. I hope everyone can have it after reading it.Prevention.

So what is the cause of acne?

What are the common symptoms?

Causes of acne 1. Direct contact with infection If you are directly exposed to acne patients, because of its strong contagious nature, whether at home, in the dormitory or in the unit, once a patient is found, it is easily transmitted to others, and it is still crowded.

Once found, you should immediately go to the hospital.

2, sexual contact with acne can be transmitted through sexual behavior, especially in people with sex disorder between men and women, the speed of this skin disease is very rapid, has been included in the ranks of sexually transmitted diseases by the World Health Organization.

3, indirect contact infection if exposed to the use or contact with acne patients will be infected, especially those with low immunity will be easily infected, everyone must be prevented in life, to avoid being infected by this skin disease.

Symptoms of sores 1, hemorrhoids will feel special itching, there will be paroxysmal headache itching at night.

2, the finger slit can be seen in the tunnel of the locust, about 2?
4mm, taupe irregular curve.

This is the trace of the locust drilling.

3, the rash occurs in the thin and tender skin, the skin lesions are mainly corn-sized papules or herpes.

4, in the scrotum, penis, labia, groin area will have yellow bean-sized reddish nodules.

This nodule often lasts for a long time and often has a retinal attack.

The hazard of acne 1 seriously affects the quality of life.

Because acne is unbearable every night, it seriously affects the patient’s mood.

2, infection.

Can be passed on among relatives and friends, seriously affecting people’s normal contacts.

3. The toxicity of certain drugs for the treatment of acne.

Many acne-treated drugs contain toxic gamma-666, which has a strong potential for carcinogenicity, which is the greatest potential hazard of acne.

4, leading to acne phobia, seriously affecting mental health.

After years of hemorrhoids healing, he often suspects that he has acne, which is a psychological lingering shadow that seriously affects the quality of work and learning.

5, leading to some sequelae.

If hemorrhoids are not treated in time and effectively, they will often suffer from stubborn dermatitis and eczema skin diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine is called “stubborn disease” and heavier the psychological burden of patients with hemorrhoids!

Related recommendations for acne diet conditioning recommended treatment of acne treatment remedies acne infections have some kind of acne will bring some harm acne is formed?

What are the specific symptoms of acne?

Male fast weight loss exercise

Male fast weight loss exercise

(1) Stand upright, straighten your arms forward, hold your hands, and slowly raise your head up.

Head back, then spin to the left and right.

Rotate forward again, slowly lower the arm, hold the hand still, and put it back in place, still do 10 times.

  (2) Stand upright, stretch your arms forward, slowly raise your right leg forward, then back, and then put it in place.

Change to the left leg and exchange 5 times for each leg.

  (3) Stand upright with the arms perpendicular to the side, slowly raise the right knee to the top, bend the main shaft and make the head forward, hold the leg to the chest with both hands, and return to the original position.

Change to the left knee and exchange 5 times for each knee.

  (4) Stand upright, hold the opposite arm with both hands, bend the body slowly forward, turn left, right, and then return to the original position, do 5 times.

  First, the movement of the waist, back and abdomen injury: (1) erect, hands straight up, bend the upper body forward, hands do not touch the ground, knees slightly curved and relaxed.

Go back to the original upright position and repeat 10 times.

  (2) Sitting straight, in the chair without handle, hold the chair with both hands, lift the right leg, straight forward, raise the leg forward and back 45 cm each, and repeat the left and right legs 10 times.

Back against the back of the chair, raise the left and right legs at the same time, do 10 times.

Use your legs to straighten forward and move up and down each other, doing 10 times each.

  (3) Stand apart from each other, place the two arms between the two legs, relax on the floor, lift the buttocks, and do l0 times.

  Second, the exercise to make the muscles strong: (1) supine, arms straight and at right angles to the buttocks.

Bend your right knee up and to the right and try to slowly touch the right side of the bed to return the body to its original position.

Do the same for the left leg and do it 5 times.

  (2) Sit on the back, legs straight forward, put your arms on your head, bend your knees upwards, and hold your knees with both hands when approaching the abdomen.

Then let the legs straight down and let it go 10 times.

  Third, make the arm firmer movement: (1) erect, align with the body, slowly lift up, so that the two palms meet at the top of the head, then separate the palms, let the arms straight down to the side and then restore, redo l0 times.

  (2) Stand upright with the arms extended so that the palms are 30 cm apart from the top of the head, then turn the palms back and clench your fists.

Let the arm slowly descend, then return to the original position and repeat l0 times.

  Fourth, make the squat tightening movement: sit straight, in the chair without handle, let the arm down, shoulders relax back, allow the head to move backwards, try to open the mouth, then slowly close, still open and close.

L0 times, do at least 3 times a day.

Cooperate with exercise and diet, in order to be effective.