What are the tips for the elderly to prolong life?

What are the secrets of the elderly’s longevity?

Older people began to pay more attention to their health and pursued eating well. However, through some indiscriminate health promotion in the market, many old people surrounded the misunderstanding of health care, then those correct methods can make the elderly prolong life?

Next, I will share it for you. The ancient doctors of the comb head will find the gap between the acupuncture points on the head. By combing, they can press the massage and stimulate the effect. They can calm the liver, extinguish the wind, open the sacred spirit, and relieve the pain and eyesight.

In the morning and evening, use two fingers to comb the scalp redness and fever, which can clear the blood flow to the head, improve brain thinking and memory, promote hair root nutrition, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep.

  Open the window to keep the air in the bedroom fresh. When the wind is big or cold, you can drive it for a while, then turn it off before going to bed, which makes you sleep sweet.

But be careful not to use the hood when sleeping.

  Drinking a cup of honey and milk in ancient times, such a saying: “Chaochao salt soup, girlfriends.

“It means drinking salt water and drinking honey sugar in the evening.”

According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains l-tryptophan which promotes sleep. Drinking milk with honey for 1 hour before going to bed can help sleep.

Honey helps maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, thus avoiding early waking, especially for older people who are often insomnia.

  Take a walk for 10-20 minutes with a calm, proper blood circulation to the body surface, and the skin can be “live” after falling asleep.

After lying down, don’t read the newspaper, do not consider the problem, reduce the activity of the brain, and go to sleep faster.

  Wash (揉) foot folks: “hot feet before going to bed, win the sleeping pills”, “wash your feet before going to bed, win the tonic”, “racken the roots, raise the feet” and so on.

Foreign medical scientists call their feet “the second heart of the human body” and “the pump of the heart”, which highly praises the health effects of the feet.

The motherland medicine believes that more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the internal organs.

If you can raise your feet with warm water (40-50 °C) before going to bed every day, massage your feet and toes, you can gradually promote the operation of blood and blood, relax the muscles, and restore the balance of yin and yang.

For the elderly, it is more effective for rickets and fitness.

Known as the king of Victoria C!

Eat it to make up the VC effect level!

Known as the king of Victoria C!
Eat it to make up the VC effect level!

We all know that vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body, and once the body is lacking it will have such problems.

Therefore, in normal life, we must pay attention to supplement VC.

VC is found in many fruit foods, especially in kiwifruit.

Eat more kiwi, the effect of supplementing VC is not worse than eating VC directly.

Speaking of kiwifruit, many people have to swallow water: first think of its sweet and sour fruity taste, then the unique taste of crispy granules at the entrance, accompanied by fresh fruity. that is to make people finishCan’t help but lick the taste of your fingertips.

Love kiwi, in addition to delicious, there are more good reasons – kiwi nutritious, is an ideal health food.

King of Vitamin C: Every 100 grams of fresh fruit contains vitamin C (referred to as vitamin C) up to 100?
200 mm, the higher can exceed 400 mg, much higher than most fruits including cholesterol.

High potassium and low sodium: high potassium content, high sodium content, help prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; also rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and so on.

Lutein: The lutein contained in it has a great potential for vision health, and it is one of the few fruits that contain chlorophyll when mature.

Bioactive substances: containing kiwifruit, protein degrading enzymes, tannins, etc., are all beneficial to human health.

Kiwi DIY, delicious upgrade directly eat kiwi fruit, can eat nutrients all into the brain.

If you want to get some new tricks, you can do the same: Kiwi juice is very simple. Cut the kiwi fruit and put it into the juicer.

However, it should be noted that although kiwifruit is a fruit that is not easily discolored, it should be shortened as much as possible during production, and it is now used to reduce the loss of nutrients.

Dried kiwi fruit selection: choose seven or eight mature fresh kiwi.

Peeled section impregnation: slice thickness 0.

1 cm, add white vinegar + salt water for about 2 hours to remove the sputum, then rinse with water and soak 1?
2 hours to remove vinegar, salty.

Boiling: Add boiled water 2?
3 minutes, after discoloration, according to your own needs, put in rock sugar and other marinated for more than 5 hours.

Boil: Remove and place in a suitable environment to dry naturally, or use a household dried fruit machine to dry.

In addition, there are many kiwi flavor products on the market, such as kiwi jam, ice cream, chewable tablets and so on.

It should be noted that the kiwi fruit flesh added to these foods is very limited, and the nutrient content of the fresh fruit itself is very small through complicated processing procedures.

Related recommendations: When eating kiwifruit, pay attention to certain taboos. You should pay attention to the powerful effect of kiwifruit. I don’t think kiwi can eat kiwi wine. Do you drink it?

Teach you homemade healthy fruit wine

Fisheye is full of brain gold

Fisheye is full of brain gold

Noun explanation: Regarding DHA, people are no strangers. Infant milk powder and various nutraceutical products all claim to be rich in DHA.

What is DHA?

DHA is a true brain gold, a major element in the growth and maintenance of the nervous system cells, an important component of the brain and retina, with a content of up to 20% in the human cerebral cortex and the largest proportion in the retina of the eye.50%.

  Main function: affecting brain development, especially important for infants and young children; promoting the maturation of retinal photoreceptor cells; protecting cardiovascular.

  Main food sources: mainly in marine fish, while the most abundant in the fish is the eye socket, followed by fish oil.

It can also be supplemented by a reasonable choice of cooking oil.

Among the various edible oils, olive oil and walnut oil contain the most linolenic acid, and can be derived into DHA in the human body.

  Absorption: At least 0 per person per day.

75 grams.

  Intimate reminder: If you want to eat the brain and protect the heart and blood vessels, then it is best to eat seasonal fish.

  When eating fish, different cooking methods can affect the use of unsaturated fatty acids in fish.

When steamed fish, the loss of unsaturated fatty acids increases, and the DHA content will remain more than 90%.

DHA in grilled or stewed fish is reduced by about 20%.

The amount of DHA lost when fried fish can only be 50%-60%.

In the process of frying fish, adults in the fish will gradually dissolve into the oil, and the oil gradually infiltrates into the fish.

Corn is the best food for weight loss.

Corn is the best food for weight loss.

Many people lose weight will eliminate “eat”, in fact, this is not true, if you choose the right food can still make you easy to lose weight, and corn is your best “companion” to lose weight.

Although the nutritional value of corn is lower than other grains, it can be suggested that the low malt is low decomposition in the corn. The low decomposition of the different malt is the best in the prebiotic. The prebiotic is the food of the probiotic, which has a close relationship with the probiotic reproduction of the human body.Thereby, the intermediate flora is brought to an equilibrium state to make them mutually healthy.

MM who wants to lose weight can make good use of corn to lose weight.

The following small series recommend 3 corn weight loss recipes, which can effectively help slimming down.

  First, the main food for corn: 1?
2 fresh corn.

  Method: Wash the corn clean, pay attention to leave the corn shell and “beard”, they are very nutritious.

Then put a whole corn into the pot, add the right amount of water to cook 20?
25 minutes, ready to eat after ripening.

  Directly use corn as a staple for lunch or dinner, and mix it with fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Principle: 196 kcal per 100 grams of fresh corn, containing crude fiber 1.

2 grams, protein 3.

5 grams, 姨 2.

3 grams and 40.

2 grams of cobalt, minerals and cellulose are also very rich.

In addition, a large amount of crude fiber in corn is 4 more than fine noodles and refined rice?
More than 10 times, the rich magnesium in corn can promote gastrointestinal motility, help the gastrointestinal health, and can help to smoothly discharge waste and toxins from the body. The role of cocoa in detoxification is very beneficial to slimming.

Mature corn ears and corn must have diuretic effect, which is also very helpful for weight loss.

  Second, the water used to boil the corn directly to the boiled corn water can be used to drink a good weight loss effect.

  Principle: The water of boiled corn has diuretic effect, especially for people with edema-type obesity, which can effectively eliminate edema and prevent weight gain.

  Third, eat coarse grain corn products such as Wowotou, millet porridge, polenta, black rice porridge, cornmeal noodles, cornmeal paste, glutinous rice porridge, cornmeal carrot bun, rhubarb sticky bean bag, rye pot stick, rye scroll, ryeFirst class, these are good corn coarse grains.

  Few people like to eat these whole grains. They feel that they are not willing to eat if they have a bad taste. In fact, these whole grains are the healthiest health food and can prevent weight gain and improve obesity.

  Today’s people are increasingly advocating the concept of scientific health, weight loss should also choose a scientific and healthy method, then eating coarse grains is a healthy and fast way to lose weight, it is recommended.

And eating coarse grains to lose weight has become a fashion, long-term consumption of coarse grains can meet the body’s required cellulose, can provide enough nutrients for the body, and is still the best choice for weight loss diet.

Beauty and beauty foods have some beauty food recommended

Beauty and beauty foods have some beauty food recommended

Whole wheat bread: In addition to protein, iron, fiber, potassium and other minerals, it also contains rich vitamin B, which can make human flesh, soft skin and bright eyes.

Fish: Fish is a low-fat, high-protein food. The protein it contains is a necessary substance for cell growth. If it is lacking, the hair will be dull and even faded, and the skin will be dull and even molted.

Beans: No matter what the beans are, they are all beautiful.

They all contain a lot of protein, vitamin B, iron, and the nutritional value is equal to that of meat, but there is fiber that is lacking in meat.

Strawberry: It contains rich vitamin C, which is good for the skin.

It also contains vitamins A and K, which can support hair and skin, and the conversion of each cup is only 55 calories.

Papaya: It has a good therapeutic effect on gallbladder disease, which is a disease that women often suffer from.

Liver: No food is more suitable for iron than liver. Iron grows red blood cells to keep the body nutritious.

Animal liver also contains vitamin A and vitamin C, protein, certain minerals and vitamin B.

However, because it contains higher cholesterol, it is advisable to eat once a week.

Bitter melon: Modern medical research found that there is an active protein with obvious anti-cancer effect in bitter gourd. This protein can stimulate the defense function of the immune system in the body, increase the activity of immune cells, and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Although the bitter gourd is slightly bitter, but the aftertaste is sweet, it gradually becomes popular on the table.

Fungus: A kind of plant gum contained in the fungus. It has a resetting adsorption force. It can concentrate the dust remaining in the human digestive system and then withdraw it from the body, thus detoxifying and clearing the stomach.

Honey: Modern medical research has shown that the main components of honey, glucose and fructose, are easily absorbed by the body.

Eating honey can reach the effect of excreting toxins, beauty and beauty, and also has potential for cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

Carrots: Modern medicine has proven that carrots are effective detoxifying foods. They not only contain rich carotene, but also are rich in vitamin A and pectin. After separation from mercury ions in the body, they can effectively reduce mercury ions in the blood.The concentration accelerates the discharge of mercury ions in the body.

Cucumber: Cucumber acid contained in cucumber can promote the body’s metabolism and excrete toxins.

The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than that of watermelon, which can whiten the skin, adhere to the elasticity of the skin, and inhibit the composition of melanin.

Cucumber also inhibits the conversion of sugars into feces, which is beneficial to the lungs, stomach, heart, liver and excretory systems.