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[Danger of eating spicy tablets]_affect_bad

[Danger of eating spicy tablets]_affect_bad

In someone’s childhood memories, spicy films should be a special role.

And the development of spicy tablets into modern society, the production process is also healthy and hygienic enough, so too many adults also like to eat spicy tablets.

At the same time, after the spicy film spread abroad, it was also welcomed by foreign friends.

Although some brands of spicy chips have indeed improved their production technology, but the sanitary conditions are also good, but some spicy film factories still have dirty and messy phenomena.

Eating too many of these spicy slices will cause great harm to the human body.

Will eating spicy bars be fat? Hot bars are really junk food. Everyone knows that there are many unclean things in the process of making hot bars.

There are even a lot of bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye, and there are a lot of additives in that bar, even the raw materials he makes are not clean, so eating spicy bars for a long time will affect our health, and there are a lot of fats in the hot bars.And the universe, eating too much will make you fat.

Eating spicy food for a long time will increase appetite and cause skin acne.

Therefore, it is not recommended to eat spicy sticks often. If you occasionally eat it, it is still OK.

But don’t make a habit.

It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits to help the body clear the toxins left by eating hot strips.

What are the hazards of eating spicy bars for a long time? One, it will cause cancer. Manufacturers will add a lot of preservatives when making spicy bars. Investigation and research show that eating too many preservatives can cause cancer, and the colors under the bars are all colored.Smeared, eating a small amount of pigment is not harmful to our body, but the pigment content in spicy bars exceeds the range that our human body can tolerate, so eating too many spicy bars will cause great harm to our body.
Second, easy constipation The spicy bar contains a lot of millet peppers. Millet peppers are a very spicy seasoning, so when we eat spicy bars, we will have a very spicy and refreshing feeling, but if we eat too much spicy things,It will cause anger. If you regularly eat a lot of spicy bars, it will slowly lead to constipation. Although constipation is not a very serious condition, it must also cause us to be aware, so try not to eat spicy bars anymore.

Third, it is easy to cause a lot of chronic diseases. If you have seen the process of making spicy bars, you will know that spicy bars are a very unhygienic thing. Some netizens said that after seeing the production process of spicy bars, manyI ca n’t eat anything in the sky, and I can see instantly how disgusting the process of making spicy bars is. Such extremely unhygienic things, the bacterial content in them must be several times the normal bacterial content. These bacteria will cause the invasion of our body.Many diseases in our body.

Fourth, easy to indigestion The spicy bar contains a variety of additives, and one of the spicy bars is a three-free food. Frequently eating spicy bars can cause great harm to our stomach, especially for young children, the digestive function of the stomachIt is also relatively fragile. If you eat spicy sticks for a long time, it will cause a lot of irritation to the stomach, which will cause indigestion, and more serious, it will cause stomach disease.

Fifth, it is easy to affect the child’s development. Hot bar is a kind of non-nutritive food. If you eat it regularly, it will cause malnutrition, especially for young children.If you regularly eat this kind of non-nutritive food, it will not be good for your child’s growth and development, and it may harm your child’s health.

Why do you say spicy bars are bad?

First, most processing methods are fried or oil-immersed.

When we buy a pack of spicy sticks, we find oil in them.

This is because hot rolled bars are treated by oil immersion or frying.

Because with the oil will increase the taste of spicy bars, taste more delicious.

Second, the quality of the oil used is not easy to monitor.

Generally speaking, the producers of spicy bars are small workshops.

In such an environment, the quality of fats and oils used in food production is difficult to monitor effectively.

Inferior expired oil or reused waste oil is highly carcinogenic.

Regular consumption of spicy bars made from this oil increases the risk of cancer.

Third, the spicy strips easily exceed the standard, making the spicy strips colorless and attractive.

It is difficult to dye them individually with peppers.

This requires the help of colorants in food additives, such as carmine.

These food additives are strict in quantity, but small workshops are difficult to adjust.

Fourth, the unsanitary production environment of hot-rolled small packaging is generally cheap, 5 gross, 1 yuan. In order to ensure the profit of each conversion, small production of these variables is difficult to meet the national requirements in terms of production environment and operation,Certain security risks.

Therefore, spicy strips are essentially made of soy products or flour, but the safety issues of the processing process far exceed their own nutritional value, and spicy strips should be eaten as little as possible in daily life.

What are the disadvantages of eating spicy strips in children? 1. Organs with excessive organ burden are underdeveloped.

Too much preservatives can overburden children’s organs and cause organ dysfunction.

Allergic diseases such as hypertension can also be induced.

2, easy to suffer from high blood pressure These spicy spicy bars contain a large amount of sodium salt, eating more spicy will lead to excessive intake of sodium salt, making them susceptible to hypertension and other diseases.

It can also affect children’s taste buds, bias their children’s tastes, and adversely affect their future habits.

3, snacks that affect the body’s development, such as spicy bars, poor packaging, contain a lot of food additives.Zinc deficiency after eating directly affects height and mental development.

4. The pungent stripes that hurt the stomach and intestines contain a lot of oil.

After the package is damaged, it is easy to be oxidized and oxidized.

Eating spicy bars often may cause indigestion, constipation and gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids, etc. Even some people eating spicy bars may cause irritation and blockage of the insulin secretion tract.

5. The biggest hidden danger of cancer is the risk of cancer, because many hot-rolled strips are produced in small workshops, and health cannot be guaranteed; and the processing method is fried at high temperature, some bad companies may use trench oil; repeated frying will cause cancersubstance.

In addition, industrial salts and a large number of illegal additives can be used, all of which can cause cancer.

[How to make fish head with noodles and chopped peppers]_Cooking noodles_How to make

[How to make fish head with noodles and chopped peppers]_Cooking noodles_How to make

Fish head with chopped pepper is a famous dish in Hunan, but for people with light taste, it is not suitable to eat fish head with chopped pepper, because it is very spicy and easy to get angry.

However, people with a heavier taste, they eat chopped fish head is a very comfortable thing, and chopped fish head can also be used to make noodles.

So what is the specific method of chopped fish head with noodles?

Chop pepper and fish head noodles: 1. Wash the fish head and chop it into pieces. Add salt and cooking wine for 10 minutes. Ginger shreds and shallots cut into sections.

2. Put ginger on the bottom of the dish, put fish head pieces, and put onion and ginger on the bottom.

3. Spread an appropriate amount of chopped peppers and add steamer for 8 minutes on high heat.

4. Boil the noodles in water and cook until the noodles are cooked.

5. Pour the cooked noodles into an appropriate amount of sesame oil and mix well.

6, the fish head is steamed, remove the shallots and ginger, drain the fishy water in the dish and pour a circle of steamed fish stew oil.

7. Spread the chopped shallots evenly.

8. Drizzle hot oil.

9, add cooked noodles and mix well and serve.

Fish head with chopped pepper[Material]1 fish head with fat head (about 2 kg), 1 chive, 3 slices of ginger, 230 grams of Prince Haitian chopped pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of cooking wine (10ml), 50ml vegetable oil, sesame oil1 tablespoon (15ml)[how to make]2.

Sprinkle some salt and cooking wine and fully absorb on the inner and outer surface of the fish head; 3.

Put chopped shallot segments and ginger slices and marinate for 10 minutes; 4.

4. Add vegetable oil to the pot, add the shallot segments and ginger slices after heating;

5. After frying the aroma, filter the shallot oil for later use; 6.

Remove the shallot segments and ginger slices and spread them on a plate; 7.

8. Put the marinated fish head with the fish skin facing up in the dish, and cover with a layer of Haitian prince chop peppers, add to the steamer that has been steamed, and steam for about 10 minutes on high heat; 8.

9. Remove the steamed fish head, drain off the excess water from the dish, heat the onion oil and pour it while it is hot;

Top with a little sesame oil; 10.

Finally, sprinkle the green onions.

[How to make potato shreds in Northeast China]_How to do_Methods Daquan

[How to make potato shreds in Northeast China]_How to do_Methods Daquan

There is a very popular special dish in the Northeast region. The method of mixing potato shreds is very simple. Prepare potatoes, carrots, and ginger garlic, and then add a small amount of MSG. Cook the potatoes in advance and put them in a pot.The ingredients can be adjusted to make crisp and delicious potato shreds. The taste of potato shreds will not be too rich and the nutritional value will be very high. It is very suitable for a lot of friends who need appetizers.

Four raw potatoes, three carrots, one and a half garlic, one small piece of ginger, two spoons of MSG (the spoons are the small spoons in the seasoning box), five spoons of salt, three spoons of pepper oil, ten spoons of pepper oil, and three spoons of sesame oil, Sugar 5.

6 spoons, 8 spoons of rice vinegar (you can put vinegar if you like sour).

Dishes special cooking Simple nutritional value Nutrient-rich method1, peel and wash potatoes and cut into thin filaments; wash carrots and cut into thin filaments; cut ginger and garlic into foam 2; wash potatoes with cold water to remove starchWashed about 4.

5 times), shredded carrots, shredded potatoes, boiled with boiling water, remove and cool (I probably cast 4).

5 times), control water purification; 3, put potato shreds and carrot shreds into pots, add chopped ginger and garlic foam, 2 spoons of MSG (both spoons in seasoning box), 5 spoons of refined salt, pepper oil 3Spoon, 3 spoons of sesame oil, 10 spoons of chili oil, and 5.

6 spoons, 8 spoons of vinegar, mix potato shreds.

Method of making pepper oil Add the right amount of vegetable oil to the pot to heat, add the right amount of pepper, fry the fragrance, and remove the pepper.

You can also put some green pepper and coriander.

In addition, those who do not like sour taste can not put vinegar, and the seasoning can be reduced according to their own taste.

Another method is to use potatoes as ingredients, sugar, spices, chili oil, white vinegar, sesame oil, and salt. Method 1. Wash and peel potatoes and shred them.

2. Soak in clear water for about 10 minutes.

3. Wash away the starch and remove the drained water.

4. Stir in boiling water pot, add salt and white vinegar at the same time, and remove it when the water is slightly boiling again.

5, add cold water after cooling, preferably in ice water to cool.

6. Remove after cooling down and fully drain the water.

7. Put all the seasonings in a small bowl and stir well.

8. Put the potatoes in a plate, pour flour on the table and mix well.

[Remove psychological pressure]_Psychological pressure_How to eliminate_How to recover_How to eliminate

[Remove psychological pressure]_Psychological pressure_How to eliminate_How to recover_How to eliminate

Presumably everyone knows that in this society, there are different pressures. Men have the pressure to take care of their families, women have to take care of their children, and children have no pressure to go to school.

Everyone’s position is different at different stages, and there will be different pressures.

So how do you eliminate these stresses?

Remember to show everyone today!


Stress starts in the brain.

Long-term stress will increase the content of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, and cortisol will damage the brain and affect memory.

However, once stress is relieved and cortisol levels are reduced, good memory can be restored.

Stress reaching disturbs blood sugar balance, causes brain dullness, and eventually damages the brain’s cognitive function. You must think clearly about what is most important to you and your family, and make every effort to achieve it.

The most trivial achievements in this area will also make you feel good.

2. If you face difficulties and you feel isolated, then you should seek the comfort of friends and relatives.

A short telephone conversation with a friend is far better than taking a sedative.

3. Eliminate the root causes of stress.

If you can adjust, conflicts with colleagues and work difficulties will avoid you, and will not prevent you from working hard to have a good relationship with everyone and cooperate sincerely.

4. Every day, we will meet with nothing to do: line up, take a car or wait for someone.

Once faced with psychological stress, the above situation will increase tension.

Be sure to step out of your troubles at this point and think of something else.

5. Examine your living environment, and try to avoid red and yellow when decorating.

Red is prone to excitement and stimulates hormone secretion in a state of constant tension.

Children like to make a noise in a yellow tone room.

Soft-colored bedding (such as light blue) is the most stable mood.

6. Discuss the problems you encountered with your friends.

Don’t regret spending time talking with your close friends.

After talking about the distress, the problem is mostly solved.

7. Learn to listen.

At no time can one think that he has fully understood the necessity of the other party.

Only by listening carefully can there be no doubt, which leads to a lot of discomfort and conflict.

Through the above introduction, we must have a certain understanding of how to eliminate psychological stress. Continuous mental stress causes some damage to our brain. Everyone knows that the aging of the brain will affect people’s life.

Therefore, people can only live long if their psychological pressure is well eliminated.

[Can I drink ginger water with acne on my chin]_Ginger water_Can I drink it?

[Can I drink ginger water with acne on my chin]_Ginger water_Can I drink it?

Liver irritations in the body, excessive stomach fires, excessive oil secretion, etc. can cause acne on the chin.

At this time, everyone will use the method of lowering fire to treat the problem of acne on the chin.

Everyone knows that ginger water can help people treat colds, and colds can also be called ginger water for treatment.

People get wind chills during the period of acne on their chin. Drinking ginger water can cure wind chills, but they are afraid that drinking ginger water will make acne worse.

Can you drink ginger water with acne?

Do not drink, because tuberculosis and acne can not eat spicy food, ginger water is a spicy thing, drinking will increase the regeneration of acne.

What to do with acne on that chin.

1. Detox + kidney.

Draw out at least half an hour of exercise every day to promote the elimination of toxins from pores and urine.

Try not to stay up late, from 11 pm to 3 am is the time when the skin’s metabolism is at its peak, so you must fall asleep during this time to help skin detoxification.

Get up a glass of lemon honey water every morning to clear the intestines and detoxify and wake up the cells.

If it’s troublesome, a glass of water is fine.

Because acne on the chin reflects improvement in kidney function, pay attention to a reasonable and balanced diet, eat less high-protein foods and drink as much as possible, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink water.

2. Remove oil + remove formaldehyde.

As summer comes, the secretion of sebaceous glands is particularly strong, so it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin, including the oil and dirt inserted into the pores, and the exfoliated keratin. At the same time, every two weeks to remove keratin from China, comrades use hydrating products to condition the skin waterOil balance, you can choose to remove mite cream if conditions permit, regular mite removal.

3. Soothing massage.

Wash your hands first, then use your thumb to start in the center of your forehead, from the brow to the hairline; then start with your forehead, and use your thumb to push from the middle of your forehead to the direction of your temple; by two seconds, you can poke the sinuses with four fingersThen moved to the ears to both sides, it works well.

[Extracorporeal detoxification method]

[Extracorporeal detoxification method]

The method of IVF contraception has been used by many couples, but many people will worry about pregnant unexpectedly, so you should take a good look at it. The method of IVF needs to master the time and method, if it is not timelyInterruption, then in the end still need remedial measures, so if not done, try not to try to avoid the inconvenience caused by accidental pregnancy.

However, there are some good things about in vitro detoxification contraception. For example, many people believe that condoms are allergic, and the use of a condom can cause redness, swelling, and itching. Therefore, in vitro ejaculation can avoid this phenomenon and increase sex.The thrill of life, and some people worry that taking contraceptives often has physical complications and affects the health of the body. Therefore, the method of in vitro ejaculation is also chosen, but in vitro ejaculation cannot be 100% contraceptive, so we will detailLearn about it.

In vitro sperm contraception means that when the spouse enters into sexual life, when the man is about to enter an orgasm and ejaculate, he will interrupt the sexual intercourse, quickly withdraw the penis, and discharge the semen outside the woman’s vagina to achieve contraceptive purposes.

This is an ancient method of contraception. In the past, in the absence of contraceptives, too many people used this method for contraception.

Although external detoxification methods are sometimes not reliable, they have a high failure rate.

The reason for the failure was that the man had injected a small amount of semen into the vagina before pulling the penis out of the vagina.

Because ejaculation and ejaculation are a coherent action, the time between each other is extremely short. Most men cannot accurately grasp the timing, so that when the orgasm is about to reach, the penis cannot be pulled out of the vagina in time, so that the first shotSemen is excreted into a woman’s vagina, and this part of the semen has the most sperm, so it is easy to cause pregnancy.

This is the primary cause of failure of in vitro defertility contraception.

Under normal circumstances, men often have a small amount of sperm entering the vagina before the ejaculation action occurs.

This is because the sperm accumulated in the vas deferens transforms the contraction of the vas deferens during sexual excitement, and it is first discharged into the urethra, and then overflows into the vagina with urethral secretions.

This sperm overflow that occurs before ejaculation is uncontrollable and can also lead to failure of contraception.

The effect of the external contraceptive method is not ideal. Theoretically, arranging semen outside the female reproductive tract can prevent the sperm from binding to the egg, but it is actually not reliable.

First, it is difficult for many men to grasp the exact time of the penis extraction. When the orgasm is approaching, it is difficult to extract it in time. Often, the first part of the semen is discharged into the woman’s vagina.Some of the semen has the most sperm, which makes it very easy to conceive.

Second, the physiological laws of men’s reproduction and a large number of practices have proven that sperm are not discharged from the male reproductive tract only during ejaculation. Often, before the ejaculation occurs, the male penis twitch, that is, the continuous excitement, is accompanied by the contraction of the vas deferens.A small amount of sperm that accumulates in the vas deferens can also accumulate through secretions in the genital tract.

Therefore, even those who have a good self-control ability, although in vitro ejaculation can correctly grasp the timing, it is impossible to control the sperm overflow phenomenon that may exist before ejaculation.

Therefore, the result may lead to self-confidence failure.

And both cases are hardly noticeable by men.

The disadvantage of in vitro detoxification is that interruption of sexual intercourse, which affects the whole process of men’s sexual response, has a physiological and psychological impact that cannot be ignored on both sides.

From the perspective of the response process of sexual life, the sexual response process of men is completed by physiological and psychological stimulation under the control of the central cerebral cortex.

After sexual excitement in men, the first manifestation is penile erection. When sexual excitement gradually increases to a high level, penile erection will be harder until it reaches orgasm and ejaculate.

Because the degree is not sufficient in the early stage of erection, it is easy to disappear due to external interference or emotional changes.

If this interference occurs repeatedly, it will affect the erectile function of the penis and cause sexual dysfunction.

Because people who excrete in vitro must be vigilant to prevent the emission of semen, so they have a mental and psychological burden during sex. This tension is not enough to meet the requirements of sexual excitement, and it also affects the occurrence of orgasm.When orgasm occurs, ejaculation must be suppressed forcibly, so over time, dysfunction of the central nervous system and lumbosacral ejaculation center may occur, leading to sexual neurasthenia.

There are indeed some premature ejaculations in patients with impotence caused by in vitro ejaculation.

Because newlyweds experience and explore sexual life, they need routine and normal physiological processes to achieve it. In vitro ejaculation method is used to explore alternatives to this practice, so it is better not to use it.

Everyone has a good understanding of IVF contraception. If you can control it well, you can try it, but if you are worried about accidental pregnancy, try to choose other methods to prevent it. After all, if you have an accident,The impact of pregnancy on life and body is very large.

[Is yam high in potassium]_ ingredients _ content

[Is yam high in potassium]_ ingredients _ content

In our daily diet, we must pay attention to a variety of nutritionally balanced supplements. It is best not to be picky about various types of food. Yam can have many nutrients, a small amount of vitamins, as well as vitamins, proteins and other nutrients., Thirst quenching and other effects, many friends are more confused and wonder if the yam contains high potassium, is it high in potassium?

Let ‘s take a look next.


The yam contains high potassium, about 75g per 100g yam pigment, each 14.


9 grams of protein.


2 grams, aunt 0.


2g, 50ug diosgenin and B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, starch is mainly starch.

The glutinous substance in yam was changed into mucin by the combination of manna and globin.


How much yam is appropriate every day?

The daily dosage of medicinal yam is 15-30 grams, and the amount of health care is 10-20 grams.

100-200 grams of fresh yam is appropriate every day.

Yam is a potato that can replace some staple foods.

The yam is suitable for long-term consumption. It is suitable for cooking and porridge, and it is very easy to mix. It is very suitable to put a variety of vegetables on it or a variety of fruits. Dried fruits are cooked into soups or mixed with various cereals.Convenient food.


Yam efficacy 1.

Digestive yam contains a starch saccharifying enzyme that can break down the starch, which is three times the content in radish. It can be used when bloating to promote digestion. It can eliminate symptoms and help improve the spleen and stomach digestion function.Medicine and food dual-use good; 2.

Zishen Yijing Yam contains mucin, amylase, saponin, free amino acids, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, and is rich in content, has a tonic effect, is a good product for recovery after illness, has a strong body, nourish kidney and essence; 3.

3. Yifeizhike yam contains saponin, viscous, lubricating and moisturizing, so it can benefit lung qi, nourish lung yin, and treat the symptoms of lung deficiency, phlegm and cough;

There is almost no yam residue in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and the mucin contained can prevent the slight deposition of the cardiovascular system and prevent premature sclerosis of the arteries.

5. Yam contains saponin which can lower cholesterol and triglycerides and improve complications such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia; 5.

5. Longevity Yishou yam can increase human T lymphocytes, enhance immune function, and delay cell aging; 6.

The choline contained in the anti-liver coma yam is the material basis of the neurotransmitting substance acetylcholine related to learning and memory. Studies have found that yam has a sedative effect and can resist liver coma; 7.

Weight loss and bodybuilding yam contains a variety of trace elements, rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium is relatively high, and the relative glucose content is relatively relative. It is often eaten and has the effect of weight loss and bodybuilding.

[Encyclopedia of frozen frozen fish]_How to do_How to do

[Encyclopedia of frozen frozen fish]_How to do_How to do

Because belt fish is a kind of fish that grows in the sea, when people in the mainland buy belt fish, they usually have frozen belt fish in the supermarket.

Even though frozen seaweed does not show the full flavor of fresh seaweed, it still contains some special flavors of seaweed. Therefore, people who like to eat seaweed can try frozen seaweed.

The following article introduces the specific method of frozen ribbon fish.

How to prepare frozen strip fish section 1, braised strip fish material: strip fish, shiitake mushroom, salt, cooking wine, pepper, onion ginger garlic, pepper, pepper, 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, 1/2 spoon of old soy sauce,1 spoon of white sugar.


1. Wash the fish with white phosphorus, viscera and cut into sections. Wash the onion garlic, shiitake mushrooms, sliced ginger, shredded ginger, sliced peppers and set aside for later use. Add the cooking wine, salt, onion ginger, powdered pepper and mix well.Marinate for 20 minutes; dip the surface of the marinated takoyaki with a layer of dry starch.


2. Boil the pan to 60% heat, add the fish fry one by one (high fire setting, change to medium and small fires); fry until golden brown on both sides and remove the oil control; 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, 1/2 spoon of old soy sauce1 spoon of white sugar and 2 spoons of water starch and mix thoroughly to make a sauce.


3, set a small amount of oil on the pan and heat, scallion and garlic slices, stir-fry the shiitake mushrooms until soft; pour fried scallops, add an appropriate amount of boiling water to level the strips; just boil over high heat and pour over low heatSauce; until the soup is burned to a thick, wrinkle on the surface of the stripped fish can be eliminated; sprinkle with pepper flakes, turn off the parsley and set the plate.

2, fried strip fish 2.

1. Prepare the ingredients you need.


2. Remove the viscera from the head and tail of the fish, wash it and cut it into sections. Put in an appropriate amount of salt, pepper, ginger slices, and cooking wine for about half an hour.


3. Add the right amount of water to the flour to make a batter.


4, pour the oil into the pot, the oil is heated to sixty to seventy.


5. Hold the fish with chopsticks, stick the paste on both sides.

(You can also just wrap the dry flour and see what you like.


6. Add strips of fish, and wait for the batter to shape before turning.


7. Put the fish in batches and fry them together. You can remove them when they are golden on both sides.

Frozen zone fish segment is suitable for crowd 1, suitable for chronic illness, blood deficiency, dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, less food to win thin, malnutrition.

2. Suitable for people with dry skin.

3, suitable for pregnant women to eat, pregnant women eat tapefish is conducive to the development of fetal brain tissue.

4, suitable for children to eat, eat more fish with children is good for improving intelligence.

5, suitable for the elderly to eat, the elderly eat more belt fish can delay brain atrophy and prevent dementia.

6, suitable for women, women eat more fish, can make the skin smooth and moist, long black hair, and more beautiful face.

[What fruit can be juiced with milk_ milk and fruit juice is better]

[What fruit can be juiced with milk_ milk and fruit juice is better]

Now there is a very popular fruit product on the market, and it is also a business model that has risen in the past two years-fruit fishing.

Listening to the name is a bit similar to Haidilao. In fact, its approach is similar. It is to mix different fruits with auxiliary ingredients such as milk yogurt and taro.

Many people may not have tried to eat milk and fruit together before, in fact, many fruits can be eaten with milk and juice.

1. Milk + Durian Prepare half a durian, a bottle of milk (250ML), add it to the blender and squeeze the juice for about three minutes.

If it can be heated, be careful not to heat it for too long, otherwise the following will be mushy.

When finished, pour into the cup, you can also add an appropriate amount of honey (depending on personal preference), a cup of delicious freshly squeezed durian milk juice can be drunk.

Function: Whiten skin 2. Prepare one jog (scent of charcoal) or two (according to personal taste) with milk + incense stick, put a bottle of milk (250ML) together and squeeze the juice in the machine for about three minutes.

Function: To improve the absorption of vitamin B3, prepare a large mango or several small mangoes for milk + mango (according to personal taste preferences), peel the mango and remove the core.

A bottle of milk (250ML), add the juice in the blender for about three minutes.

Function: beautify the skin 4. Milk + papaya Prepare half papaya or one (according to personal taste preferences), peel the papaya and remove the seeds.

A bottle of milk (250ML), add the juice in the blender for about three minutes.

Role: Beauty and beauty 5, milk + dragon fruit Prepare a dragon fruit, peel the dragon fruit.

Put a bottle of milk (250ML) into the blender and squeeze the juice for about three minutes.
Role: Beauty Fire 6, Apple + Milk Weight Loss Apple contains vitamins, and the nutrients contained in milk can meet our daily needs.

We can use apples and milk as a staple food and brake to complete our weight loss work.

[What can be replaced by Ming staff]_action_effect

[What can be replaced by Ming staff]_action_effect

Now the substitute for Ming staff is aluminum-free loosening agent, which is also called aluminum-free staff.

This chemical product that replaces Ming staff can still expand the role. Using aluminum-free Ming staff to replace Ming staff into the flour can avoid poisoning, and pregnant women or children can rest assured.

There is no need to be afraid of bringing any burden on the body. The aluminum-free Ming employees will replace the alum next to them and will completely replace the harmful substances of Ming employees.

An alternative to Ming staff-an aluminum-free loosening agent, called an aluminum-free staff.

This aluminum-free Ming staff itself is non-toxic and does not interact with acids, alkalis, and salts to produce toxic substances. It does not damage the protein and vitamins in the food, and can increase the softness of the dough. It can also generate a lot of bubbles and silk when fried.nest.

Since no alkali is required, the operation procedure is simplified and more sweetness is replaced.

The role of alum 1.

The antibacterial effect shows that the staff can inhibit a variety of Gram-negative, positive cocci and bacilli; it can inhibit the common pyogenic bacteria.

Experiments show that Ming staff have inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus aureus and Proteus (test tube method).

Inhibition of E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus anthracis, Freund and Shiga dysentery, typhoid and paratyphoid, proteus and staphylococcus, etc. (paper plate, plate method); Streptococcus green, hemolyticStreptococcus, pneumococcus, and diphtheria bacillus are the strongest, secondarily to Brucella bovis, pertussis, and meningococcus, and have no effect on influenza bacteria (paper method).

High-concentration Mingrenye liquid also inhibits human (H37RV) and bovine tuberculosis.

0 is used clinically.

75% withered brain suspension is effective in controlling Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection of burn wounds.

The results of some in vitro experiments show that the white staff or dull Dublin has a very strong inhibitory effect on Trichophyton rubrum and Wool-like microsporum.


Convergence and solidification experiments prove that alum water has a strong convergence effect.

Alum is very irritating orally, so it is more topical and can be used for antiperspirant; it can also treat excessive leucorrhea and ulcers (concentration: 1%?

Alum injection, alum solution and aluminum sulfate solution have obvious inhibitory effects on rat rectal in vitro.

Concentration exceeds 4%?
At 6%, protein coagulation and degeneration can occur, so that the correction can restore the peristaltic function. After 8% alum solution is injected into the surrounding area, the serous membrane and smooth muscle are coagulated and necrotic, and then aseptic adhesion is formed, so that the rectal layersAnd the rectum is fixed to the surrounding tissue, and the retina no longer slips off.

It has been reported that topical application of 4% Ming staff solution also has a certain effect on animal uterine prolapse.


Anti-Trichomonas vaginalis effect 10% of the liquid in the test tube (the ratio of culture fluid to medicinal solution is 1: 1) has obvious anti-Trichomonas vaginalis effect.


The role of coagulation protein shows that the staff meets the protein, and precipitates into insoluble compounds.

Alum water can immediately precipitate the serum in vitro and has a strong coagulating protein effect.

This product can be used for hemostasis. For example, when the nose is nasal, a cotton ball can be used to saturate the alum solution to plug the nostril.

There are reports that alum staff, catechins orally can treat tuberculosis hemoptysis.

The Baijin Pills formulated with white staff and turmeric are effective for experimental hyperlipidemia in rabbits.


Cholesterol effect white staff 0.

6 g / kg duodenal cancer significantly increased bile flow in spinal cord rats.


Local irritation The local irritation is very strong. 15% solution 0 is injected locally.


5ml, making the rabbit frantic, local swelling, ulceration, 0.

Intravenous injection of 3ml caused chills, urgent breathing, and peripheral blood vessels became purple and hypoxia.