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[How to nurture in middle age]

[How to “nurture” in middle age]

At middle age, people are at the pinnacle of life and career, but under the dual pressure of family and society, physical functions gradually decline, and many things will feel powerless.

Especially in terms of sex, middle-aged people are no longer as energetic as young people, but they may find it difficult to control every time they want to find the “great wind” of the past.

In order to maintain lasting sexual ability, middle age is a critical period. After 40 years of age, both men and women need to maintain and rest sexually.

For men, fatigue, weight gain, and poor metabolic energy are easy to occur in middle age, and psychological problems such as emptiness, self-confidence, and worry are also prone to occur.

Under the combined effects of various reasons, a large number of middle-aged men began to suffer from sexual function problems, the most common being erectile dysfunction (ED), and prostate hyperplasia.

Therefore, in terms of sex, men need to recuperate from the following aspects.

The law of sexual love does not require that a harmonious and fulfilling sex life is good for physical health. Middle-aged men must keep close relationship between their husbands and wives, while paying attention to the rationality and restraint of sex life.

When physical strength and strength are not good, do not force yourself to live a sexual life; reduce the number of sexual lives properly, can store a certain amount of sexual energy.


[Can red bean and barley be beaten and drink to lose weight]_Slimming_Efficacy

[Can red bean and barley be beaten and drink to lose weight]_Slimming_Efficacy

If a person’s body is too obese, transforming one’s physical health has a very large impact.

For those who need to lose weight, any method that can lose weight cannot be ignored, because losing weight is a very difficult task.

To lose weight, you need to exercise, control your diet, and eat more foods that are effective for weight loss.

So, can red beans and barley be mixed together to drink weight?

The principle of weight loss is mainly manifested in the following items: 1. Adzuki bean flour is made from red beans and indica rice, both of which are ingredients for removing dampness and water, which can promote the expulsion of moisture from the body and reduce weight.

2. Adzuki bean flour also contains minerals, which can improve the osmotic pressure in the body, promote the transport of water in the body, and reduce weight.

3. Red bean barley flour can also be supplemented with fiber and pectin. After eating, it has a certain feeling of satiety, which can reduce the transfer of other foods, and has a certain effect of controlling conversion and weight loss.

Red bean barley noodles are not low instantaneously, 333 kcal / 100g, and excessive weight is prone to gain weight.

Of course, the specific fatness situation is determined by the absorption rate and physical condition of each person. Under normal eating conditions, some people will gradually get fattening when they consume 30 grams a day. Some people will only eat 100 grams.Fat condition.

Red bean rice noodles are usually consumed at 30 to 60 grams at a time.

Some people who eat a large amount can add a little bit of other food.

People with edema caused by excessive humidity are particularly suitable to lose weight with red bean paste rice noodles.

People who are too heavy to cause moisture to accumulate in the body and cannot excrete them generally have edema or lower limb edema. This type of obesity is edema-type obesity.The effect of promoting the release of moisture can relieve edema and control metastasis.

[What are the benefits of eating oligopeptides]_Effect_Effect

[What are the benefits of eating oligopeptides]_Effect_Effect

Oligopeptide belongs to a small molecule protein, it has a good maintenance effect on the body. It is a nutrient made using biotechnology. It is particularly easy to be absorbed by the body, especially suitable for some bad stomachPeople who do not easily absorb protein.

It has a good effect in relieving fatigue and preventing the three highs. In addition, it also has an antioxidant effect.

It also plays a role in preventing cancer.

What are the benefits of eating oligopeptides as small-molecule proteins, which are easily absorbed by the body, suitable for people with poor protein digestion and absorption, such as middle-aged and elderly patients, post-operative recovery patients, tumor and chemoradiotherapy patients, poor survival functionAre waiting.

In addition, small-molecule oligopeptides also have the effects of improving immunity, enhancing physical strength, alleviating fatigue, and lowering three highs.

First, the molecular weight of easy-to-absorb soybean oligopeptides is on average 1,000 and below the shield. The small molecular weight is small, and can be directly absorbed into the small intestine without digestion and digestion.20 times the protein and 3 times the amino acid.

Suitable for people with poor protein digestion and absorption, such as: middle-aged and elderly, patients recovering from surgery, patients with tumors and radiochemotherapy, and patients with poor hospital function.

Second, anti-oxidation through soybean oligopeptides can increase the activity of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, inhibit oxidative peroxidation, scavenge hydroxyl free radicals, help reduce tissue oxidation and protect the body.

Three: Anti-fatigue soybean oligopeptides can repair skeletal muscle cells damaged during exercise in a timely manner, and maintain the replacement of skeletal muscle cell structure and function.

At the same time, it can increase the secretion of ketone acetate, promote protein synthesis, and reduce the PRE level of middle and long distance runners after exercise, which can help reduce fatigue after exercise.

Fourth, lower three high blood lipids-because the body digests and absorbs diabetes, bile acids secreted by the gallbladder are needed to help, and soy peptides stimulate duodenum secretion during absorption, cause strong contraction of the gallbladder, and promote bile acidification.Destruction of cholesterol absorption, intravenous infusion of bile is continuously discharged to the intestinal cavity, and brought into the large intestine, which reduces the absorption and utilization of plasma by the small and large intestines to achieve the purpose of reducing cholesterol.

Antihypertensive-Soy peptides can inhibit the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE).

Because ACE in blood vessels can convert angiotensin x to y, in addition, it can shrink peripheral blood vessels and increase blood pressure.

Soy fluoride can inhibit the activity of ACE, which can prevent the shrinkage of blood vessel terminals and achieve hypotensive effect.

Soy peptide has no antihypertensive effect on normal blood pressure, so it has a significant effect on patients with heart disease and cardiovascular disease. It is harmless to the normal human body, and it is safe and reliable. Hypoglycemic-soy peptide has a-glucosidase activity.Slow inhibition.

a-glucosidase is distributed on the intestinal microvilli, and its role is to quickly break down sugars into the body’s glucose. Therefore, when soy peptides are mixed with other glucose, sugars, etc., they cannot repeat the effects of secretion and can inhibit blood sugar.Good effect of rising.

Fifth, improve gastrointestinal soy oligopeptides by reducing mucosa repair, improving gastrointestinal probiotic survival environment, preventing virus invasion, increasing small intestinal mucosal villi height, increasing intestinal mucosal absorption area and increasing aminopeptidase activity to regulate the internal environment and promote microorganismGrowth reproduction and metabolism.

Sixth, the soy oligopeptide fragment of the nourishing liver and protecting the liver maintains the exponential balance of enzymes such as serum aminotransferase and serum aminotransferase.

So as to achieve a role in nourishing the liver.

Seven, improve immunity Soy oligopeptides can improve immunity, enhance the immune function of macrophages in immune cells, promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes, enhance the function of macrophages, enhance the activity of NKC cells, and attack viruses that invade the body at the same time.
8. Promote slight metabolism Soy oligopeptides can increase the activity of mitochondria inside the brownish brown, promote slight metabolism, increase the conversion rate of norepinephrine, and reduce the inhibition of mild enzymes, thereby promoting adult metabolism and effectively reducing the excessive body of the human bodyFat, while maintaining skeletal muscle weight, to achieve a healthy way to lose weight.

[Drinking the body before the four major dangers of drinking sex]

[Drinking the body before the four major dangers of drinking sex]

“A good start is half the battle.” Proper sexual foreplay can effectively turn on each other’s passions and improve the quality of sex. However, many “romantic foreplays” circulating between husband and wife are actually wrong. Such foreplays may even affectSex can also harm physical health.

Wrong foreplay technique one: Two people take a hot bath together and take a bath before sex. It ‘s no problem to keep the body clean and relaxed, but many people use coexistence as a prelude to sex. One hour of soaking in hot water is a research findingWhen the temperature of the bath water exceeds 38 ° C, the sensitivity of the skin begins to decrease, which will affect the feeling during sex, especially the sensitivity of female sexual organs, making it difficult to reach orgasm, and always immersed in hot water.Is about to consume a lot of physical energy, affecting men’s erection time. If you want to take a bath together, it is best to choose a shower, the time should not exceed 15 minutes.


[What is the same food with sweet potatoes]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboos

[What is the same food with sweet potatoes]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboos

The Chinese are actually very worthy of food pairing, and they also need to adapt to the changes of the four seasons.

Although there are many out-of-season foods, we are wary of the contraindications between foods.

So, do you know what sweet potatoes should be eaten with?

In particular, the sweet potato mix is very extensive.

However, sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with chicken, oats, crabs and other foods, and they can cause diarrhea.

Sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with any food. 1. Sweet potatoes + eggs, eggs, and sweet potatoes are not easily digestible foods. It is more difficult to digest together, and eating together will cause abdominal pain.

Therefore, sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with eggs.

2, sweet potato + chicken Sweet potato and chicken eat together, have a certain impact on the stomach, and will cause abdominal pain.

Therefore, sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with chicken.

3, sweet potato + crab crab Sweet potato and crab eat together easily cause stones in the body.

Therefore, it is best not to eat roasted sweet potatoes and boiled crabs. Some may have diarrhea, and some may have stones.

Therefore, sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with crabs.

4, sweet potatoes + alcohol and alcohol within 3 hours after drinking, it is not appropriate to eat sweet potatoes, because sweet potatoes contain “gasification enzymes”, after eating more prone to abdominal distension, snoring, heartburn, acid reflux, exhaust and other symptoms, and alcohol willIrritation of the stomach wall may exacerbate this discomfort.

5. Sweet potatoes + persimmons Sweet potatoes and persimmons should not be consumed at the same time in a short period of time. If the amount of food is large, they should be separated by at least five hours.

Therefore, sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with persimmons. Sweet potatoes are high in sugar and ferment in the body. Carbonic acid and gastric acid secretion increase, while sugary tannins and pectins in persimmons react with each other, which will cause precipitation and aggregation, resulting in lumps and causing stomachStones, when the amount is severe, will cause gastrointestinal bleeding or cause gastric ulcers.

[Wet walnut is better than dried walnut]_Action_Benefits

[Wet walnut is better than dried walnut]_Action_Benefits

Walnut is a kind of nut that many people like in life, especially those who need to use the brain for a long time should eat more walnuts, because the effect of walnut nourishing and nourishing the brain is very obvious.

There are mainly two types of walnuts you can see in life. One is suitable for him and the other is dried walnuts. In fact, these two types are the same, except that dried walnuts are sold by air-drying.

Is it good to eat wet walnuts or dry walnuts when eating walnuts?

In fact, if you eat fresh walnuts from a nutritional point of view, the nutrition of fresh walnuts is higher than that of dried walnuts, because dried walnuts are air-dried, and in the process of processing, it will inevitably cause the loss of some nutrients.

In contrast, because fresh walnuts are fresh, they have less nutritional loss and are naturally more nutritious.

How to peel fresh walnuts and people who have not eaten fresh walnuts think that freshly processed walnuts have a better taste than dried walnuts. They have a strong flavor, and they are a bit sweet and crispy.

However, the inner and outer skins of fresh walnuts are not easy to handle, and they also contain certain irritation.

Especially if you peel it off empty-handed, your hands may be stained with color and cannot be faded for a long time.

At this point, if you eat fresh walnuts that are not handled well, your mouth and tongue may be stained, and you may even have a sore throat. So when you eat fresh walnuts for the first time, you should first understand some basic points.

Even if fresh walnuts are better than dried walnuts, in fact, fresh walnuts are difficult to preserve, so they need to be air-dried, but some nutrients are still available.

And if fresh walnuts are to be processed by yourself, it is not very convenient or safe.

So everyone continues to buy dried walnuts.

[What liquor is suitable for long-term preservation]_ Long shelf life _ How to choose

[What liquor is suitable for long-term preservation]_ Long shelf life _ How to choose

Liquor has a much higher alcohol content than beer, so many people prefer liquor.

Liquor tastes a bit spicy, and hand-brewed liquor tastes more mellow because pure grain wine can be stored continuously, but the shelf life of beer is limited. In fact, not all liquor can be stored for a long time.Let’s find out what kind of liquor is suitable for long-term storage?

Liquor above 53 degrees is suitable for long-term storage.

Liquor (non-alcohol blended wine) brewed by traditional technology is suitable for long-term storage.

Miso-flavored liquor is stronger than fragrant, and the fragrance is more suitable for long-term storage.

If it is a low-alcohol wine, it will have no taste after being stored for a long time.

For high-alcohol, you should pay attention to it when storing. Generally, you should put the wine in a dark and dark place, seal it with a plastic cup to prevent running, and watch more and move less.

Generally, wines are stored for more than three years, and wines that have been stored for more than 20 years can be regarded as true aged wines.

Extended information: High-grade liquor: This is the liquor produced by today’s traditional production methods. The liquor is above 41 degrees, mostly below 55 degrees, and generally does not exceed 65 degrees.

Low-alcohol liquor: The alcohol reduction process is used, and the alcohol is generally 38 degrees.

There are also more than 20 degrees.

For collection, you should choose high-alcohol puree wine or wines above 50 degrees to be worthy of collection.

Otherwise, over time, wine will lose its most essential practical value, let alone appreciation.

Collected wines must have a “taste” that has passed down through the years. The good taste of the old wines that are left is very rare. The taste is the key to determining the value of the collection.

Once the bottle or wine label is damaged and the product is not good, the value of the collection will be greatly reduced.

Collected wines should be stored separately for different brands of wine. If different liquor collections are placed together, after a certain period of time, various odors will be mixed together.

This will affect the quality of the wine, and the value of the collector will naturally be greatly reduced.

How to choose the collection of wineware wineware should choose ceramics.

First, after the liquor is bottled, if it is a glass bottle, it is not very collectable, because the glass bottle is impermeable, no matter how long it is placed, the wine itself does not change much, and the density of the pottery is very loose and has a lot of naked eyesThe invisible pores enable the wine to contact the air microorganisms for a second time after packaging and ferment, so ceramics for wine storage are appropriate.

Secondly, ceramic decoration reflects the cultural heritage of a country and nation, integrating ceramic culture and wine culture, making Tibetan wine more culturally valuable.

[Benefits of eating lentils]_Effect_Effect

[Benefits of eating lentils]_Effect_Effect

Lentils are a food that people are very familiar with in life, and they are often used, so they can be made smaller or placed in rice.

The efficacy and role of lentils are also great, so people should pay attention to the amount of lentils when eating lentils, because no matter what food is eaten too much, the impact on the body is relatively large.

So what are the benefits of eating lentils?

The efficacy and role of lentils seeds According to nutritionists’ analysis, lentils seeds contain protein 22 per 100 grams.

7 grams, aunt 1.

8 grams, 57 grams of glucose, 46 mg of calcium, 52 mg of phosphorus, 1 mg of iron, and again contain vitamins B1 and C, carotene, sucrose, glucose, maltose, and raffinose.

Studies have shown that they contain hemagglutinin A, B, these two substances have a certain role in hemagglutination.

Lentils contain virus-inhibiting ingredients, which can inhibit virus replication.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lentils are a mild and mild spleen and spleen remedy, which can treat spleen and stomach weakness, diarrhea due to eating less, diarrhea, diarrhea caused by women, pediatric accumulation, and vomiting and chest tightness caused by the feeling of summer and autumn.Bloating, diarrhea, etc.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” and other medical records recorded that it also has “warming the spleen and stomach, quenching thirst”, “killing wine poison, anti-pufferfish poison” and other effects, is a good medicine and food dual-use.

Pharmacology has confirmed that its impurities, proteins, trace amounts and phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron and other nutritional components, also contain virus inhibitory ingredients, amylase inhibitors, hemagglutinin and other substances, have antiviral, lower blood sugar, enhance cellular immunityFunction, anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, so it is especially suitable for young people and diabetes, cancer patients.

Benefits of eating lentils 1. Antibacterial, antiviral lentils contain some ingredients that can inhibit the virus, can effectively inhibit the growth of the virus, and enhance resistance.

Lentils have a detoxifying effect on vomiting caused by food poisoning and acute gastroenteritis.

2, increase appetite lentils are very rich in protein and a variety of amino acids, regular consumption can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and increase appetite.

3, Qushu detoxification lentils can nourish the spleen and stomach, and help eliminate the dampness of summer heat.

For summer trauma and dampness, vomiting, diarrhea caused by discord between the spleen and stomach, often used together with syringa and other heat-relief drugs to enhance efficacy.

Lentils can also be detoxified, such as detoxification.

4. Soluble cellulose in hypoglycemic lentils, which has the function of lowering glucose, reducing triglycerides and harmful plasma.

Good effect on diabetes with dyslipidemia.

5. To prevent constipation, lentils are supplemented with nutritional fiber, which can promote bowel wall peristalsis and prevent constipation, so it is an ideal food for patients with constipation.

6. Promote the growth and development of the human body. The content of zinc in lentils is high. Zinc can effectively promote the growth and development of the body and also enhance the hematopoietic function.

7. Hemagglutinin in anti-cancer and anti-cancer lentils can inhibit tumor growth and achieve the effect of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

8. Prevention of anemia lentils are rich in vitamin C and iron. For pregnant women, patients with iron deficiency anemia, and office workers who often feel tired, they have a good effect.

[Taiwanese Chicken Steak Practice]_How to do_Method

[Taiwanese Chicken Steak Practice]_How to do_Method

There are flights in Taiwan that are a popular tourist city, and because of the beautiful scenery in Taiwan, and because of the attractive snacks in Taiwan.

Many different special snacks have been developed in Taiwan, such as roasted grass, and Taiwanese chicken chops are some special snacks in Taiwan.

Taiwanese chicken chops are made differently in the mainland. Those who like to eat Taiwanese chicken chops must learn how to make Taiwanese chicken chops.

The practice of Taiwanese big chicken steak is a method of raw chicken breast, starting with sour flour, soy sauce, oyster sauce and salt.

Change the chicken breast to a skewer, then smear soy sauce, oyster sauce, sprinkle with a small amount of salt, and marinate for 20 minutes2.

Pat the marinated chicken breasts with powdered sour flour, and take photos 3 on both sides.

Boil half a pot of oil until it reaches 6.

70% hot, fried chicken in the wok for about 3 minutes, sprinkled with cumin or curry powder, seasoning method 2 Ingredients Taiwanese chicken chop method 1 piece of chicken breast (about 300 grams), Emmental cheese 2Slices, 1 slice of ham, 30 grams of low-gluten flour, 1 egg, and appropriate amount of bread crumbs.

30 grams of olive oil, 30 grams of unsalted butter, the right amount of salt and white pepper.

step 1.

Slice the chicken breasts into two pieces, and then slice into the butterfly pieces connected in the middle. Thinly with a meat mallet, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.


Sprinkle the eggs with flour and bread crumbs on three separate plates.


In the sliced chicken, put 1 slice of cheese first, put a slice of ham on it, then put a slice of cheese on the ham, wrap it, squeeze the joint tightly, and then evenly cover the flour, egg liquid, and bread in order.bran.


Pour the olive oil in a pan, add 70% butter after it is hot, add it to the processed chicken after it melts, and fry it in two ways, golden brown on both sides and take it out.After oiling, cut into three or four pieces and serve.


Serve with ketchup.

Practical three materials 1, 250 grams of chicken breast, washed and used.

2、蒜味盐(Garlic Salt)2/3茶匙,辣椒粉1/4茶匙 {Paprika (McCormick)},黑胡椒粉1/6茶匙 (Black paper powder),花椒粉1/6茶匙,糖1/3 teaspoons, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, 2 tablespoons of water.

3, 1 tablespoon of raw flour, 1/2 of bread flour (bread), 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

4, dipping: 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce (ketchup).

Method 1 of the Taiwanese Chicken Steak, cut the chicken breasts to 0.


5 cm thick slices, cover with plastic wrap, loosen with tender meat hammer, then add 2 ingredients, mix well, cover and place in the refrigerator.

2. Marinated chicken slices, add 1 tablespoon of raw flour and mix well.

Add the bread flour to the stack and dip the chicken pieces evenly.

3, grilled chicken chops: make grilled chicken chops, take a baking sheet and spread on baking paper (parchment paper), put 1 teaspoon of olive oil and spread evenly, then put the chicken slices with bread flour and brush thinPut thin oil on chicken slices, put them in a preheated oven at 400F, bake for 10 minutes, turn over and bake for 8 minutes.

[Side dishes with white porridge]_ 喝粥 _How to match

[Side dishes with white porridge]_ 喝粥 _How to match

In the process of dieting and losing weight, eating porridge is the most suitable food, and for some patients with stomach problems, Zhou is also the best food for conditioning the spleen and stomach. Therefore, porridge is a good friend in our lives. After eating, it is not easy to makeThe body is fat, and the value is relatively high. It tastes particularly smooth, but there are many people who feel boring when eating porridge. So what are the side dishes that can be served with porridge?

1 Floss is a good friend of white rice porridge.

Some people eat floss as a snack, and sometimes they can eat a lot even without porridge, because it is fragrant and fresh, and appetizing.

The meat floss that you bought are canned. When you want to eat white rice porridge, you can sprinkle some pork floss on the porridge. Usually, a pot of meat floss can eat a long period of time, and the meat floss porridge is also suitable for babies.

Although there is nothing but pork floss in the porridge, but for me, this is enough, because the simpler and more delicious, because the pork floss encounters the white rice porridge, it becomes a happy taste.

So don’t underestimate the meat floss, because a bowl of hot floss white rice porridge can make you feel very satisfied.

2 Speaking of white rice porridge, we must mention salted duck eggs, because they are golden partners.

In the past, grandparents always pickled a lot of salted duck eggs, and whenever they ate porridge, the salted duck eggs must be the protagonist.

The salted duck eggs at that time were not very salty or light, and the egg yolks were shiny and shiny.

Life is getting better now, although I will also buy some salted duck eggs to eat outside, but the taste is not as good as before, and because it is a pickled product, I dare not eat more for health.

Therefore, salted duck eggs are a good thing. Chopping it into porridge is absolutely unique and delicious. Although the salted duck eggs are very salty, the neutralization of the porridge will make it different.

3 Fuyu and white rice porridge are also inseparable partners.

It can be paired with porridge and served with rice. Sometimes it can be solved with no bean curd.

Although we all know that fermented bean curd is a kind of food fermented with tofu, but I just think it has a unique taste. I never knew that there would be such strange food in the world. But when I tasted it, I knew it.It’s not just a small piece of ordinary tofu, because it is more fragrant and even aftertaste than tofu, because it can move my taste buds more.

Therefore, fermented bean curd with white rice porridge is a good choice, but you can’t eat too much fermented bean curd. You can only eat one piece at a time, and fermented bean curd can also be used as a dish and soup.

4 White rice porridge and dried radish are a good partner.

In the past, I always pickled a lot of dried radishes at home and would take out some when I was eating porridge.

Although I do n’t know how the dried radishes are pickled, I am always familiar with the taste of dried radishes. Every time my family stir-fries the dried radishes, I will feel the aroma, and the dried radishes are crispy and chewy.It took me a long time to swallow it in my mouth.

Although the dried radishes are not very eye-catching, in the poor people’s homes before, dried radishes are like treasures, and they may not be willing to eat them.

So dried radish and white rice porridge are a perfect match, and eating it can remind people of poor days, this is a good experience.

5White rice porridge has a good neighbor, it is pickled cucumber.

In the past, there was always a seductive fragrance in the sauce tank at home. Eating pickled cucumbers and white rice porridge was my most anticipated thing every morning. Pickled pickled cucumbers can be chosen according to my preference.Either or sour is fine, but I prefer sweet.

The prepared pickled cucumbers will become fragrant and crispy. If it is served with white rice porridge, it will be perfect, and sometimes it may not stop at all, because the collision of pickled cucumbers and white rice porridge will also produce a unique flavor.

Therefore, when eating white rice porridge, you must not forget pickled cucumbers, because pickled cucumbers can make you appetite, pickled cucumbers can bring you a wonderful feeling, pickled cucumbers can conquer your mouth.